Michael Young History: The Story Of A Victim To The Streets And The Game Part 2 [A Genius Lu' Volume 43]

When we last left off, Michael Young History was walking out of his house feeling very fortunate. Unlike those around him, he was decked out in fancy clothes paid for by his newfound profession, drug dealing. The Game had taught him all the rules of the underworld and he was masterfully applying them to his everyday life. Although corrupted, he still has faith in God and promised that he would stop hustling once he found a legitimate job. As he continues his journey, he receives a call from The Streets, but does he answer? Lets find out...

PREVIOUSLY: The Michael Young History Saga Part 1

10. *Angels Remix (w/ Dirty Money) Verses #1, #2 & Hook* [from Enemy Of The State]

"Uh huh, this that Dirty Money.."

I see diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels/
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through/
Windows up, system bumping, you the one they sang to/
Same 2 who said they the ones you should send your thanks through/
Pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint you/
You can hear them revving up in Heaven now, can't you?/
Sandals made of chrome, his soul made of leather/
An engine full of sinning and candy painted feathers/
The sound of the motor only revving/reverend you confess to/
I see this all in the eyes of the girl I'm next to/
I asked her "Where we going?", and she just told me "Pleasure.."/
Hands on the wheel, and her heels on the accela-/
-rator, told her "Wait up!", she kept going like etcetera/
Or like a broken record, we've come to far to just wheel it back selector/
So we gon' ride forever, forever, forever, forever, forever../

As MYH is walking down the wrong path with intentions of taking the nearest exit, The Game pulls alongside him sitting in the passenger seat of a fancy car. In the driver seat sits the most beautiful woman MYH has ever laid eyes on. Appearing both angelic with her halo on and wings out, but also appealing with the top down on the convertible and suicide doors raised, he is mesmerized by her beauty. With shades on, hiding the windows to her soul, MYH can only see the reflection of her dollar sign pupils in the lenses. She is singing along to the music blaring from the speakers, but the only lyrics in the song are "Michael Young History.." repeated over and over.

The couple tells MYH that they have been sent from Heaven as a vessel for him to show his appreciation to God for all the nice things hes been blessed with. MYH starts thinking that they might be holding the ticket for him to be allowed into Heaven, and the skies immediately roar in protest of this blasphemous thought. The Game and The Streets quickly and skillfully brush it off as a sign that the Heavens are confirming his speculation. As MYH further examines the situation, he starts to feel that everything about them may be genuine. He is told that if he joins them, he would only have to answer to the sounds of the engine, so he jumps in the car with them. But little does he know that the motor runs solely on the sins of humanity.

Still a little hesitant, he asks where they plan on taking him but The Streets only replies, "Pleasure.." then speeds off. He tells her to slow down as they quickly pass the exit ramp he once hoped to get off on, but she ignores him. The same routine is playing out all over again like a broken record, as MYH figures he's been along for the ride far too long to turn back now.

Lupe goes on to cleverly utilize Dirty Moneys' lyrics from the original track, and it turns into somewhat of a 4-way conversation between the determined and demonic duo, versus MYHs' conscience and greed...

The Streets - Came from Heaven just to sing a song for you/ To the rhythm of my love for you, and now it's beating slow/ And you know, it's the end of the road when I sing that slow song for you/
MYHs' Conscience - And love was nothing but another gun for you../
MYHs' Greed - ..And I would hide it in my hopeless soul/ I'm not afraid to go down the road, where we go? I don't know/ You can hear 'em calling, don't you? When the angels call like../
The Game - Yoo! If you don't wanna stay, you can go/ It seems love don't live here no more/ The angels are flying so low, singing to you/
The Streets - Don't you hear me calling you?/
MYHs' Conscience - He's the one you love../
The Streets - Cause I hear em calling me/
MYHs' Greed - ..And he's the one you trust/
The Game & The Streets - Look, our time is almost through, time is running out/
MYHs' Conscience - There's nothing left to do, when they're calling you, when the "angels" call../
MYH's Greed - ..I answer.../

Now trapped in the car speeding down the highway to Hell, The Streets reiterates that she came all the way from Heaven just to meet with MYH. She confesses her love for him, telling him that all his troubles will be done away with if he puts his life in her hands. MYHs' conscience reminds him that this supposed "love" is the same thing that ruined his family, but his greed quickly interjects and tells him that he can use the same tactics to conquer the world. The Game becomes annoyed by the back and forth, and like a true pimp, uses reverse psychology to tell MYH that the proposition isn't obligated. However, he's a bit disappointed that MYH isn't quickly accepting, seeing as The Streets traveled such a long way to make him a once in a lifetime offer.

MYHs' conscience begins to panic, and reminds him of the promise he made to God of eventually becoming a respectable member of society. The Streets tells MYH that there are plenty of other contenders on hold, waiting for her to call them back. MYHs' greed reminds him that from the moment The Game stepped in to raise him, he hasn't had to beg for money in order to feed himself or his sister. Becoming really impatient, the delivish tag-team tell him to hurry up and make a decision. Feeling rushed, MYH takes a final second to think it through, then makes a haste decision.

He takes a deep breath, sits back and buckles his seatbelt. The Game and The Streets couldn't be any happier.

11. The Coolest [from The Cool]

"Lord please have sympathy, and forgive Michael Young History,
As the coolest nigga.."

MYH has come a long way from the skateboarding kid who shunned the lifestyle choices of his neighborhood hustlers. His love for God is still present, but it is now juxtaposed by the fact that he is absolutely, head-over-heels, madly in love with The Streets. Every time he wants something and asks her for it, she only replies "sure" and "si" (remember, she's multi-lingual). He has adopted "Money Over Bitches" as a motto, making it a rule that The Streets would be the only female he's devoted to. He doesn't mind spending all his money on her, because it ends up being an investment that comes back to him ten-fold. He "runs up in raw", taking huge risks as he maneuvers because it always ends with him acquiring massive amounts of cocaine.

He loves her with every fiber of his being, including the bullets still inside him as a result of jealous competitors. At those moments where his life was on the line, he would question whether The Streets truly cared for him. He would play the "she loves me, she loves me not" game, and the last pedal would always assure him that her love was true. She reassured him that all the sacrifices he has made for her would reap the rewards he always dreamed of. Every time he looks into her eyes, he is reminded of why he is with her. She whispers stories in his ear of the royalty they will soon become, making sure he knows their empire will never collapse. But if, and only if, their reign just so happens to end, she promises to soften the impact of the downfall and cry for him. But unbeknownst to him, her tears of liquor will only further intoxicate him. She even promises that she'd always stay faithful and keep him by her heart. Not just by tattooing his name on her chest, but she promises to erect an entire statue in his honor. With all these promises being given to MYH, he thinks she might even love him enough to cease her existence and die along with him. The fires of Hell rage in excitement.

With a string of weather references, MYH is now the absolute kingpin in his hood. The (un)holy trinity between The Streets, MYH and cocaine strikes fear in the hearts of the community. Knowing the repercussions, no one dares report on the damage MYH is doing. They're better off just praying that he runs out of cocaine, but he consistently re-stocks and floods his customers with the product. Of all the kids around him that grew up in a fatherless home, he is the most successful in his profession and recruits all the others into his drug cartel. With his family distraught at what he has become, he is asked the same questions that his mother was once asked, "Can you feel it? Do you love her?". He responds in a similar fashion to what his mom did, "I don't know, Streets got my heart, Game got my soul..". He figures that being in the limelight for a little while can't possibly do any lasting harm.

He leaves his longtime girlfriend, along with their baby daughter, in order to stay loyal to The Streets. Unlike his girlfriend who only gave him a child, The Streets gave him the key to a fancy new car, the keys to a big house, and the ki's of cocaine that paid for it all. He knows that many other women will be chasing after him because of his power, so he laughs in the face of his crying babies' mother. As a reward for proving his unwavering commitment, The Streets gives him a chain wit a gold key on it. The same key to the locket she wears on her neck; the key to The Streets.

Having just earned what he spent a long time working for, MYH also earns the label and nickname Cool. The song ends with a foreshadowing of his death, and subsequent denial from Heaven and Hell.

12. Gotta Eat [from The Cool]

"I swear if I see this nigga, I'ma kill him. I'M GOING TO KILL HIM, SLOW!
Make the nigga suffer, nahm'sayin?.."

Even though The Game essentially threw his wife into Cools' arms, he lives in a house called Jealousy and can't help but plot revenge on The Streets' new love interest.

Meanwhile, Cool is living the high life. He has insane amounts of power, money, women and drugs, more than he ever dreamed he could have. There are a bunch of people all over the town selling cocaine for him, and he's so wealthy that he doesn't even need to bother to make sure everything counts up accurately. Even though Cool isn't in his daughters' life, he does make sure she doesn't want for anything and provides financially. His empire is no longer limited to a local region. If money was involved, he'd happily take trips to make business deals with his comrades. One thing he doesn't do though, is give back to the community he is destroying. In fact, he laughs and hassles everyone who isn't in his league and treats them like peasants. The only thing that matters to him is that the junkies frequently come back for more. He receives praises from admirers, and death threats from enemies that want to see his reign end.

With so much animosity surrounding his name and reputation, Cool starts to question whether he truly wants to be at the top of the food chain with envious people clawing for his spot. He goes to church to asks for help, but the friar, dealing with his own human internal struggles, doesn't have a definitive answer for him. The pastor suggests that he turn himself in to the police, but that isn't an option for Cool because The Game taught him that paying the cops would make them turn a blind-eye to his illegal activities.

13. Angels Remix Verse #3 [from Enemy Of The State]

Said she was a fan of mine/
Knew she was New Jersey, but said that she was Anaheim/
Butterflies turn to suicides, now it's phantoms flying/
Used to whisper in my ear, but now she tryna Evander mine/
That holy feeling all gone, slowly feeling all wrong, none of this is satisfying/
Pull it over, let me out, I'll just hitchhike back to mine/
Nothing's really as it seems, yeah I should've known that/
Thought I called an angel, devils had my phones tapped/

Cool starts to realize that The Streets isn't as good and pure as she first claimed. She told him that she was an (Anaheim) angel, but her (New Jersey) devil ways are starting to show. The butterflies that once flew in his stomach when she was around have died, and now it feels like there are evil spirits flying around inside him. The soft whispers have changed, and are now as vicious as when Mike Tyson tried to bite Evander Holyfields' ear off. He isn't content with the way things are going, and he wants out of this lifestyle as soon as possible.

14. *Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)* (ft. Unkle) [from The Cool]

He just sits, and waits for them to kick in the door/
He once was a hero, they don't love him no more/
There's a blast, every time a tear hits the floor/
His gift for not fighting another mans' war/
And if they can get their hands on the mask that he wore/
On his face, they can put somebody else in his place and restore/
The state, the illusion that its safe, The faith, that being a slave is so great/
As gas fills the room and rockets destroy everything around him/
He stands to find himself surrounded by thousands of soldiers/
That he once trained to never miss their target, heartless/

Cool now patiently anticipates the moment when his crew will betray him. They've gone from being the up-and-comers he once employed, to the people plotting to rip his boss status away from him behind his back. Cool is extremely paranoid, and rightfully so. He took an oath that he would stand frontline in The Games' war for souls, and second guessing his pledge was strictly prohibited. His crew is no longer satisfied with being his mistreated lackies, and want the "Cool" label that was given to him. Harboring these ill-feelings, they make sure to keep a smile on when they're around their leader to make sure he doesn't suspect a thing. With his confidence declining, Cool suspects that there will be attempts to take him off the throne by the very people he once passed down The Games' lessons to.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of the prefix "un-" is the removal or reversal of something. Un-Cool, indeed.

15. The Die (ft. Gemstones) [from The Cool]

"I present...the death...of The Cool.."

Rumors are running rampant that Cool will soon be dethroned. Enemies are quietly stocking up on artillery to assassinate the kingpin, and no amount of money in the world can stop triggers from being pulled. The Streets chose him instead of the many other people that have a crush on her, and they don't plan on letting it go that easy. Cool is warned that there has been a bounty placed on the golden key he was given.

The hitman, played by Gemstones, hears of the bounty and happily accepts the job. He is 1 of The Streets other boyfriends' but he hasn't been lucky enough to receive the key to her locket. Hungry for her approval, he is willing to shoot Cool down as brutally as possible. He isn't worried at all about getting caught, because his mentor The Game taught him that money always keeps the police away. The only thing he hopes is that when the time comes to pull this hit off, his gun doesn't jam.

One of Cools' close confidants, played by Lupe, tells him not to worry about these crazy rumors going around. He says there is no way someone is riding around in a stolen car ready to end his life. Ironically, the hitman just stole a car, and is looking for Cool while wondering which one of his guns would better suit the purpose of this murder. The associate further boost Cools' confidence by reminding him of all the guns he has stashed as a precaution, as well as the bulletproof glass. Still on the prowl, the hitman mentally lists off all the things he needs to watch for in order for this to go as planned. Cools' cohort tries to take his mind off the rumors, and tells him of the fun night he has planned for the both of them. A night of partying, drinking, smoking, food and women will be sure to ease all of his stress. After leaving the club, Cools' friend asks him to pull over so he can use the bathroom. But before getting out of the car, he leaves Cool with 1 final boost of confidence, "If some niggas do kill you in the next few minutes, just remember my nigga, there's a Heaven for a G..".

With "The Cool" playing in the background, Cool (now played by Gemstones) is as cocky as ever. Smoking a blunt and proclaiming himself to be "the coolest motherfucker in the world" and a "hustler for life", he completely dispels any previous concerns of people wanting him dead. While waiting for his friend to come back to the car, the hitman walks up and fatally shoots Cool 6 times.

"You ain't too Cool now, is you, nigga?"

16. *Superstar* (ft. Matthew Santos) [from The Cool]

"The return.."

Yeah, uh! A fresh Cool Young Lu/
Tryna cash his microphone, Check 2-1-2/
Wanna believe my own hype but it's too untrue/
The world brought me to my knees, "What have you brung, you?/
Did you improve on the design? Did you do something new?/
Well your name ain't on the guest list, who brung you?/
You, the more famous person, you come through/
And the sexy lady next to ya, you come too"/
And then it hit me, standing outside of Heaven waiting for God/
To come and get me, I'm too uncouth/
Unschooled to the rules and, too gum shoe/
Too much of a newcomer and too uncool/
Like Shadow and Lavelle, I battle with it well/
Though I need a holiday like lady who sung Blue/
"Go back, whatever you did, you undo"/
Heavy is Heaven, the devil on me two tons too/

Adding a cinematic edge to the saga, this song begins with the sounds of screams and camera flashes. Much like a red carpet event, a concert, or a crime scene.

Now standing in line at the gates of Heaven, MYH wants to believe that he is about to reap the ultimate reward of what he achieved on Earth. He isn't too sure that he garnered enough clout, but now it is his turn to be judged at the gates. He is asked, other than his tainted soul, what he has to offer. He doesn't know how to respond and is told that he isn't on the list. He is pushed aside as other "more famous and sexy" people are being let into Heaven. They're considered more famous and sexy because their souls are far more pure than his, but he misunderstands why he is being denied access. He figures its because he isn't well-trained enough on the rules The Game taught him, and ultimately "too uncool". He accepts the (misconstrued) verdict he is given, but feels as though he needs a break from being Cool all the time. He is told to go back to Earth and try again in order to be let in, and he concludes that both good and evil are weighing down on him equally as heavy.

17. The Cool [from Food & Liquor]

All of a sudden, MYH wakes up in his casket. Except he is no longer Michael Young History or Cool, he is resurrected as The Cool. He is still wearing everything he wore at his own funeral, including a three-piece suit and jewelry. Among the jewelry is his coveted golden key, which the hitman apparently couldn't find after killing him. Presumably, the reason he came back to life with the key to The Streets is because his murderer missed the correct target. Instead of aiming for the head like The Game taught him and killing off his conscience, he shot him in the chest. This proved to be useless, because MYHs' heart didn't belong to him from the moment he accepted The Streets offer.

The Cool realizes that he is soaking in the liquor his friends poured out in his memory. Just as The Streets promised, she cried her Hennessey tears for him after he passed. He tries to drink it all but there is just too much to finish. Floating around the casket is a liquor-doused note from his 7 year old sister that says "I miss ya..". He reaches in his suit pocket and finds a picture of his daughter, and a Swisher Sweet blunt left to him by his friend. Further inspecting his temporary home, he realizes that the latch on his casket is broken and kicks himself out. He starts clawing his way past the mound of dirt, trying to make it back to solid ground. It isn't an easy task, so he uses his gold chain and even his mouth as a tool, swallowing a bit of soil in the process. After finally getting past 6 feet of dirt, he punches a hole through the surface and the reflection of the sun bounces off his chain, directly into his eyes. He climbs out of his grave and checks his watch, but it stopped working 6 months after he was killed so he has no accurate perception of how long he has been gone. The only part of his body that has completely decomposed is his right hand, symbolizing his decayed and withered righteousness that gave him a bit of hope at a certain point. He squeezes the liquor out of his clothes then leaves the cemetery, making his way back to his old neighborhood.
With the stench of alcohol and death on him, The Cools' life comes full circle as he is now back to begging for change. But instead of the money going to feed his family, it will be used as train fare. Sitting on the train, he pulls the alcohol-drenched blunt out of his pocket and tries to light it. Being highly flammable at this point, it immediately catches fire. The extra light makes him realize that his reflection is in the glass, and he takes a long look at his new appearance for the first time. Instead of being bothered by his zombie-like persona, he can only think of what he can do to regain his spot. He knows the first thing he needs is to find some type of drug to sell. As he exits the train, he walks past the spot where his life was taken at least 6 months prior. He notices that nothing has really changed in his hood, including the police officers. The cops that once harassed him as a skateboarding juvenile, and the cops he eventually paid to look the other way as he terrorized his community still patrolled the blocks.

As The Cool is walking around, something very strange and foreign happens: 2 kids offer to sell him crack cocaine. It isn't them being hustlers at such a young age that bothers him, but the fact that he isn't used to being on the receiving end of a drug deal with children. The 2 kids don't recognize who is, or once was, and pull out a gun in an attempt to rob him. Ironically, the gun is the same murder weapon that removed him from his precious throne. They put the gun to his head and ask him if he is scared. He replies by saying the opposite of some of the last things that went through his mind before he was killed, "Hustler for death, no Heaven for a gangsta..".

18. *Mean & Vicious* [from Fahrenheit 1/15 Part 2: Revenge Of The Nerds]

Got that FNF on me, I'ma young lil' thriller/
I will resurrect homie, come back for my killer/
In some disheveled apparel with that same leaking barrel/

Does The Cool get properly executed by the 2 kids who put a gun to his head? Or, as this song suggests, does he somehow take the weapon from them then goes on the hunt for his killers while carrying the very pistol that took his life?

Is it possible that Lupe left this as a cliffhanger long before any of the other songs in the story were even released? Who knows, but hopefully all questions will be answered on Lupe Fiascos' next release, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album.


  1. Damn sounds like he should've made the Cool2 instead of F&l2 but i guess they deal with the same concepts of good and bad so lets wait and see.

  2. WOW great piece. The way you have constructed and tried to link all this songs in this piece is amazing. Its like you've got a direct line to Lupe's mind. You must have lot of time on your hands though. I could never spend that much time trying to decipher and connect all of Lupe's songs like you did. That said i'm glad you did it was a great read.

  3. This is great the best on the web. But I think u might be missing one song "Sunshine" from F&L. In sunshine the street picks MYH up after the dope boy freestyle. What do u think

  4. @Anon #2
    it took me over 3 weeks to finish this. i mostly listened to Lupe in that time, mentally noting what i wanted to add into this. i'd sporadically sit down n map it out. for the references, i just went back to interviews durin The Cool era..

    @Anon #3
    i was thinkin that as well, but the "Mama said have no fear.." line threw me off. theres no way MYH's mom wouldve wanted him to confidently lust after The Streets lol..

  5. 1st of all, the character's name is Michael Young, not "Michael Young History". Lupe said u can also read "My Cool Young History". So it's the story of Michael Young. Leave the "History" off of the name lol

  6. Eh I kind of interpret a lot of those songs differently. Here's my continued order:

    10. Spaze Out - MYH beins his heavy work from The Game after hearing his "rules to rule" in Knockin At The Door.

    11. Kick Push II - Michael continues his hustling and begins to take a liking to The Streets. Possible reference points are "mama was a crackhead/father couldn't be contacted" and "what's the use of pushin, you ain't pushin none of this?"

    12. Sunshine - MYH falls completely in love with The Streets. I was a little iffy about this one, but the fact that he references it in The Coolest makes me think it fits in. (Also, speaking of The Coolest reference, I think Hurt Me Soulcould be part of it with the line "me and dawg couldn't relate until this bitch I dated." Supports the idea that MYH could be a metaphor for his life.)

    13. Streets on Fire - MYH notices the Streets is corrupt and such, but still can't resist her.

    14. Comin From Where I'm From - Michael is tired of this life of crime. The 2nd verse is where it's at. "It's no longer fun now"

    15. I Don't Feel So Good - Talks about the bad things MYH did. Referenced from The Coolest

    16. The Coolest - probably the most important song in the saga (besides The Cool obviously). It gives a background of The Streets and MYH's relationship. She gives him the kay. And we find out that MYH had a baby with a "cryin dishonored baby mama from afar".

    17. The Emperor's Soundtrack - Michael knows he's in trouble. "Here we are now entertain us / change don't change us ever since The Game trained us / we came up like worms in the rain, I dreamed / my chain became a loose noose that was used to hang us." - references Knockin at the Door and The Coolest

    18. The Die - pretty self explanitory. Gemstones is The Game with wire-taps for ears and can hear everything MYH says. He is jealous of MYH for falling in love with The Streets.

    19. Angels Remix - Michael has just been shot. "I see diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels". The last verse talks about how The Streets deveived him and referenced The Die "thought I called an Angel / Devil had my phone tapped"

    20. Put You On Game - The Game reminisces over killing Michael. And he is also taunting his baby (from the cryin dishonored baby mama)

    21. Real Recognize Real - First verse talks about the funeral for MYH. Then he goes into The Game and The Streets characteristics.

    22. Superstar - Michael gets rejected from heaven. "Go back, whetever you did you undo / heavy as heaven, the devil on me two tons too"

    23. The Cool - Michael comes back to life as The Cool.

  7. lupe the goat. what other rappers have anything close to this deep in their catalogue. cant wait for fnl2

  8. One thing that makes Lupe great is he's a very good story teller. I always felt that "The Cool" album was a story within a story, kinda like one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Lupe was telling us a story about all the things he was experiencing during the making of the Cool, for example the death of his father, relationships, being a famous etc while also conveying the story of Michael Young.


  10. The only one I absolutely think was a complete reach was Hello/Goodbye, it doesnt apply at all. Your interpretation of "Angels" gave me new insight. I never thought past "The Cool" in terms of the saga's progress.

  11. @Anon #4
    "My Cool Young History" is play on words that means "Michael Young History". So in "The Coolest", when Lupe says "forgive my cool young history", he really means "forgive michael young history". Therefore, Michael Young History is his whole name

  12. @anon #4
    "My cool young history" is play on words that means "Michael Young History". So in "The Coolest", when Lupe says "forgive my cool young history", he really means "forgive Michael Young History". Therefore, Michael Young History is his full name

  13. Nice job man. I think Hurt me sould could be a part of it to. For instance, this segments:

    -I had a ghetto boy bop, a Jay-Z boycott 'Cause he said that he never prayed to God, he prayed to Gotti
    I'm thinkin godly, God guard me from the ungodly But by my 30th watchin of "Streets is Watchin" I was back to givin props again and that was botherin.

    -"And it was all becoming cool"


  14. Add an explanation of "cold war" in F&L 2!! im pretty sure its the next chapter..or some chapter...

  15. Homestly, I don't think EVERY single song is part of Michael Young's saga...and another thing that's confusing me: Why aren't these songs in ORDER for story-sake? Surely, Lupe's not gonna have a story jump all around out of order track-to-track and album-to-album (or mixtape-to-mixtape). The way these explanations are written and listed, these songs aren't in order. Which makes NO sense.

    Can someone help me understand?

  16. The song is also about different things...not just the story. The songs back to back to back would not have sounded very good in an album format. It's also possible that he didn't write the story in order.


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