Lupe Fiasco to be featured on Bassnectar's upcoming Album!

Lupe will be featured on the title track of Bassnectar's upcoming album "Vava Voom" which will drop on April 10th. The video for the track was already shot in LA.

Check the full tracklist below!

01. Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco)
02. Empathy
03. Ugly (ft. Amp Live)
04. Ping Pong
05. What (ft. Jansten)
06. Pennywise Tribute
07. Do It Like This (ft. ill.Gates)
08. Laughter Crescendo [2012 Version]
09. Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page)
10. Nothing Has Been Broken (ft. Tina Malia)
11. Chronological Outtakes


  1. Lupe's features in the last calendar year have been dopeeee.... especially the ones with Big Sean, Nu-Centz, and Nikki Jean.

    Can't wait for this one either!

  2. ^ okayy nothing special...

    you know lupe hasnt had any classic features they been decent or dope but not talking about that classic feature when everytime you hear that song come up and you just cant for that emcee part to come up cuz he makes that song classic..

    Blu & Jay Elec being doing that and sometimes Nas here and there

    Exhibit this..

    Jay Elec- "The bullits" ft Jay Elec- epic classic verse

    Blu..MED- "this is your life" ft Blu- claaaaasic verse

    Blu..Grouch ft Blu---Another memorable verse #classic

    Blu.. The Roots "Radio Daze" ft Blu best verse and super classic..that shit timeless

    Blu..The Roots "The Day" ft Blu yet another track where he bodies the legendary roots group..may i add another #classic

    you should check into..

    and as for Lupe..he has no classic features..just from good to dope..

  3. yay Blu is a different animal on the mic that boy can go on & on dude hella gifted..reminds me of Nas but in many ways different from him too..Like he's more artistic and more of along the lines of Al green and Bob Marley of hip hop..dude GOT SOUL!

  4. um...Lu verse on Trae Tha Truth's "I'm On" is one of HIS nicest verses ever bro. Let alone a feature verse.


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