1. Food and Liquor is Lupe's best album to date. It was like a breath of fresh air and crack all packaged into one. I had never heard a rapper with the imagination and almost perfect execution that Lupe Fiasco had on Food and Liquor. I love Lupe but when he says things like, " I'm not as good at rapping as I once was," I believe him. He's not. He's burned out. However, he is still the best rapper that has ever dropped an album or mix tape based on the merits of Food and Liquor alone. I just wish the powers that be could have released more singles and videos from that album. I wish the videos that were released from Food and Liquor were of better quality. I feel as if no one has truly visually captured the beauty of one of Lupe Fiascos songs. That is a shame.

  2. It's me a again lol.
    I feel Like Lupe put ever thought he ever had into Food and Liquor. I was biographical without him making one song about himself. I love that album. It's been 6 years and I listen to sunshine everyday.

  3. are you kidding? you don't get worse at something like this. rapping is a mixture of talent, intelligence, and practice. the only way you could get "worse" is if you didn't rap at all for like 5 years. just because you don't like the subject matter of his recent material doesn't mean he's worse than before. you people really make me sick. you know who got worse? these "fans"

    i've been a fan since before f&l and I'm sick of all you blogging idiots bashing lupe for taking a stand for something. it's not like this is the last album ur ever gonna get. artists go thru phases. that's how they grow. why don't u put out an album that's better than lasers. why do the "fans" think they are in a position to deem his work unacceptable.

    what about the people that grew up listening to krs1, pac, rakim, big? they all say the same shit, times changed/nothing is as good as back then. face it, u connected with the f&l and now u are mad that the fresh feeling of a brilliant new artist has subsided. guess what, he's still a brilliant artist. months after songs or guest spots get released, I'm still discovering new meanings of lyrics.

    cheer up. unless u live in a 3rd world country, you should be happy u have the time and energy to worry about silly crap like this.

    peace and much love


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