1. The day that everything fell apart for Lu...

    This album was a MAJOR disappointment.

    It was a delayed and HIGHLY anticipated for over two years.... LASERS was suppose to be another masterpiece of ART under Lupe's belt... But instead it was tainted with corporate BULLSHIT...

    I forever hate Atlantic as a record company. If there is ONE person that should NEVER have to comprise their work it is Lupe Fiasco.

    Good thing Lu released FOTP. He showed that he still has it with tracks like Double Burger with Cheese, JOAQUIN PHOENIX, Light Work, and SUPER COLD....

    Can't wait for Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.

    I urge Lu not to comprise with this album. If fuck-lantic doesn't want to release it then so be it. I don't want you to release mediocrity. I'd rather never hear it than hear the album tampered by that shitty record company.

  2. I don't care what anyone says. Lasers is amazing.

  3. precisely.

    what you just said is just about as much as you'd expect someone to say (or not say) about a crappy album's anniversary.

  4. and the comments are going to be shutdown in 5,4,3,2,1

  5. Arguably the greatest album of all time.

  6. It was worth the purchase for Beautiful Lasers alone. Congradulations Lupe, and hopefully everything turns out well for Food & Liquor 2

  7. Lasers dropped 1 year ago today....Don't really have much else to say...

    "F&L2:GreatAmericanRapAlbum. Not Yet."

    even Sean's giving up on Lupe! lmao

    1. ^^ "F&L2:GreatAmericanRapAlbum. Not Yet." It says that on Lupe's twitter page.

  8. You guys are way too dramatic. Lasers was "THE DAY EVERYTHING FELL APART."


    It was an album that didn't live up to certain expectations but was (in comparison to most hip hop records that come out today) still decent. That's pretty much it.

  9. Man where is my comment? Anywho, I still say Food and Liquor was Lupe's best album ever! It was something different. The melodies were original and the rhymes were perfectly executed. I wish there were more videos for that album. To this day no one has visually captured the beauty of Lupe Fiasco's songs. I hope that Food and Liqour 2 will be as great as the first.

  10. Lasers was not "decent".....plain and simple, it was VERY BAD

    FOTP was also a hot bag of trash, with 1 or 2 exceptions...

    I still have mad, mad love for the big homie Lu....but real talk, if the dude doesn't put what he's really capable of into F&L2, well then it might be the day he loses me as fan

  11. I don't understand the dislike for LASERS I would say it's his most personal album from talking about the death of his father to his sisters growing up. I REALLY don't get the dislike for FOTP, you can say what your preferences about the beats but LYRICALLY he's still the same Lupe Fiasco that is arguably the greatest lyricist hip hop has seen.

  12. Lasers just isn't a good album, but I hope FNL2 is much better. God Bless.


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