Eric Turner talks about working on several songs w/ Lupe Fiasco

KeviPod interviewed Eric Turner recently. Turner talked about working on tracks with Lupe for Lasers and his own album and dropped a name of an unfinished/unreleased track. Check it below:

Q: After collaborating with a huge UK rapper like Tinie, you then recorded a track with US MC Lupe Fiasco called “Break the Chain”. How was it like working with Lupe? And do you know if there are still chances the song becomes a future single?

Eric: Break the Chain was a song we wrote not long after WITS. We had been going back and forth with Lupe on several tracks writing over Skype. He was originally gonna do "Stereo Sun" but it got dropped with all the controversy with releasing Lasers.

(It actually got leaked with another rapper on it by someone who got ahold of it and was tryin to shop it around under a different rapper. We were pretty sad about that cause I think we knew that if he put it on his album they'd have to do a single cause it was so vibey. It eventually ended up on Tinchy Striders album, 3rd Strike, but his album sort of got buried by some UK Rap business politics I don't understand.)

We worked on a song called "Voices of Fire" which was awesome and really rootsy then finally settled on "Break the Chain." It's probably one of my favorite songs I ever wrote cause it really says what I wanted it to say. I don't know if it will be a single, difficult to predict, my "hit song" center thinks they are crazy not to release it. It's a sleeper but it would def rise up the charts, like an Adele song.

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  1. Hmmm...dunno if break the chain would be a hit. It has potential tho.

    And I kinda want to hear voices of fire cus if it was left off lasers then it wasnt what atlantic was looking for's own music..maybe

  2. ^^ true...I wanna hear it now!!

  3. dude am i the only who thinks this dude is suuuuuuuuuuuper waaaaaaaack wont handle a candle to mathew santos. he's awful just quit dumbfuck


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