Bassnectar reveals how "Vava Voom" was Created

Bassnectar talked about the creation of the song "Vava Voom" in a recent interview with Migrate Music News:

MMN: “Your new album, VaVa Voom, is set to be released soon and you recently released a new single with Lupe Fiasco. Explain your song writing process, as well as your recording method in the studio. How did your collaboration with Lupe come together?”

Bassnectar: “He and I share the same birthday. I am starting to imagine that someone cast a spell on me and I slipped into a trance. When I awoke, Lupe & I were involved in some secret twilight experiment that we cannot quite remember, but will never forget.”

“The result was Vava Voom.”

PREVIOUSLY: Bassnectar x Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom [Audio]


  1. So Lu slipped him a roofie?

  2. hahaha ^ thought i was the only one thinking the same G..


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