Audio: Mickey Factz talks ACCC

Mickey recently talked to The Silver Tongue about a whole bunch of stuff and he touched on an All City Chess Club project that he'd like to see happen....

"We're all ready, we are waiting on him [Lupe]. Whenever he decides he wants to do it, then we will do it. Everybody that's in the crew has said 'We're ready, we want to start working'. We are waiting on Lupe, everybody is waiting on him."


Spotted at ACCC


  1. ay mickey. lu retired. he aint tell yall yet?

  2. With all those talented lyricists, that's sure to be a bangin' project :)

  3. I want an ACCC track to feature Lupe, J Cole, C-Hamilton, Asher Roth, Pharrell, Mickey Factz, and Blu
    ...the Cool Kids, BoB, and Diggy kinda lemme down on We Beamin'.

    produced by Soundtrakk!

  4. ACCC was never a group to begin with. So people shouldn't expect anything from them.

    Wale sold out.

    Blu is doing his own shit.

    B.o.B is doing his own thing.

    J.Cole was never really part of it to begin with.

    The Cool Kids are doing their own thing.

    Asher Roth is doing his own thing.

    Diggy... lol? (kid had so much potential, sad)

    Charles Hamilton LmFaO!!!!

    The only people that are apart of that seems to care about it is Dosage and Factz.

    Lupe even said it wasn't a group, but more of a label on the "box" that people already put them in.

  5. Dam Lupe what's going on mann everyone waiting on you Son . . .

  6. Yo Charles Hamilton is better than 1/2 the group, what you on nigga?

  7. lol CH is a joke. I use to think he was dope, but I have finally come down to reality. I think Lu has as well. Apparently you haven't 99 lmao.

  8. CH has released a J Cole diss, so the group may become disbanded.

  9. im Sorry but Blu hands down to run all those niggas on the tracks..Lupe's best dayz is equivalent to blu's writing..and that saying something nahmean? if anything Lupe should get rid of all those irrelevant wack emcees and just be him & Blu and that would be epic..but then again it be hard to get an elite emccee(blu) to join forces with Lupe nahmean. its like saying a lion wants to team up with a siberian tiger nahmean that shit wont work..he already carved a new lane for hip hop nahmean. no one is doing the stuff he's doing now..

  10. yea only Blu is beast on those lists beside lupe ofcourse..others are just wack rappers..smh..this aint a group this is more like super looser group shiiiit. I bet Lu & Blu scratching their heads now like WTF why am i even fucking with these no names wack rappers (factz, diggy, bob, wale, j cole, dosage) o.0...

  11. Whatever CH is still dope. Just because his new music isn't up to par doesn't make his old music is wack now. You bandwagon fans are a joke.

    Just like how Lasers doesn't make F&L and The Cool wack. But you bandwagon fans will say "Lupe music sucks" because of Lasers yet he still has classic material under his belt.

    To ya'll a current subpar album or subpar albums (in CH case) washes away a artist past great music or their potential to make great music again in the future.

  12. CH all ready left. His quote:
    "Music is not a game...
    So I am announcing my exit from All City Chess Club. I'll work with J. Cole, because me and him are the 2 greatest rappers in the 21st Century. Lupe, you wanna do a track, you holla at me via Facebook or sumn. I'm sure Dino Rhymestyle got it for you Ash is cool, BoB and I worked together, Diggy has stage presence, but Wale hasn't addressed his beef with me to me yet, and Blu did some sucka ass sh1t on the phone just now when I tried to address him being cool and in the same group."

  13. ^ haha first off CH is one coked up mothafucka..he thinks him & that one trick pony j cole are remotely even considered in the same elites as Blu and Lupe? LOL that dude needs a reality check..and i bet Blu said some funny shit to his ass..i cant see anyone tryna go at lu or blu lyrically their above everyone else..I just prefer blu a lil more cuz his writing is like you can pu in a bong and just blow it and comes out so poetic..dude is hella nice!


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