New Music: The Pro Letarians - Church

As you all know, we love to post new artists on this site every now and then. Today I bring you a new hip hop duo from Indiana University (my old school, woo!) who make all their music right out of their dorm room, The Pro Letarians. With Jupiter Jim behind the mic and JO on the production tip, the group has been working on their project Hello Forever and the song below is the first offering from the LP.

So what do you all think, Hot or Not?


  1. Dope! This beat is >>>>>>>>>> and the rapper sounds like an older, hungry kanye.

  2. Not gonna lie, it's kinda nice. The beat is sick. Rapping could be better, but still like it more than most of the stuff out now. I'll be looking for more stuff

  3. He reminds me of Kanye. Song was dope.


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