Matthew Santos doesn't want to be your "Superstar"

The Chicago Sun-Times interviewed Matthew shortly after his latest album dropped. They also discussed his work with Lupe and the falling-out they had.

Q. Do you feel you’ve escaped Lupe’s orbit at all?

A. No, I wish. It’s that dark passenger that’s always there, the “Superstar” reference. I can’t escape it.

Q. Just today I got a separate email from your publicists, still hawking you as “the ‘voice’ of Lupe Fiasco”!

A. I mean, it’s maybe not a bad thing, it’s just more that I’m so past that stage artistically. It was never really my cup of tea. I had an amazing time, learned a lot, got to tour the world and a Grammy nomination. It looks great on paper, but [he sighs] it wasn’t as satisfying creatively as I hoped it would be.

Q. Is there some animosity between you and Lupe?

A. I wouldn’t say animosity, no. There was a falling-out, sure. He was going through dark times at the label, and I was trying not to get lost in the politics. I didn’t re-sign my contract with him, and his camp stopped responding kindly to me. He himself said we’re cool, but I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Q. When did you realize that the silver lining of “Superstar” also had a cloud?

A. I guess it hit me when I would Google my name, and Lupe’s picture would pop up. Every interview was “Superstar” Matthew Santos. After so many questions about Lupe, I realized I’d been branded. I have this Lupe Fiasco stamp on my shoulder. I’m trying to rebrand, stay out of certain limelights.


Read the full interview HERE


  1. Wow... Hadn't known things became kinda cold between the two.

    Personally... Whenever I saw Lupe feat. Mat Santos I KNEW it was gonna be a SICK track!

    "The stars are aligning
    The planets colliding
    The plan is arriving
    And she's out there smiling
    The fear is upon us
    The skys tried to warn us
    The parents are gonners
    No children to mourn us
    Its driving me crazy
    This war is my lady
    These bombs are our babies
    And God.. Is Amazing
    The tick of the timer
    The slick of the rhymer
    The pimp and the riser
    You'll fall, or you'll find her"

  2. Hmm, Matthew santos is highly talented artist, should be given better recognition than 'superstar' singer..

    Btw, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY LUPE FIASCO!!!!!! Xoxo

  3. He kind of seems like he's being a brat about the whole thing. Doesn't the "Superstar thing" at least give you relevance to a hip hop god?
    He could just be another indie singer tryna find his way, with nothing holding him up whatsoever.

    Maybe I'm biased.

    But work with different artists, get yourself out there more and you won't have to BE so one dimensional nigga.

  4. In general, but especially artistically, there's a natural inclination to do you. So It makes complete sense to me that Matthew wants to break away from that label and establish himself as his own artist. 

    I read the rest of the interview conducted with him. It sucks that things are so tough economically. I hope there will be clips from his tour. I'd love to see how he'll improvise and how his true style is.

  5. That's how it starts with most artists. You should be thankful because without that record your name probably wouldn't even show up on Google

  6. This was kind of upsetting to read. I had no idea.

  7. ^Cosign....That is what happens to many artists. Lupe himself use to be referred as the 'guy on Touch the Sky'...Kanye back in the day use to be referred to as the "H-to the Izz-O" guy. I remember Kanye then talking about how that wasn't satisfying for him to be referred as that but look at what did with that exposure? He worked tirelessly to get a name for himself and despite his infamous antics... he did not blame Jay for what people referred to him as. In fact, he expressed appreciation for Jay to give him that shot....Point blank, I understand Matt's frustration but that is not Lupe's fault. He gave him that shot and it was his job to do whatever with it. I am sadden by his departure from Lu musically...because they make amazing music together ...I mean I adore every song Santos was featured on. I wish the best for Santos regardless. It's hard out there for REAL musicians,smh.

  8. I can respect what he's saying. He got stuck in Lupe's shadow because of Superstar and wanted to branch out on his own. He wants to make a name for himself that isn't just "Lupe's hook man." I'm sure he appreciates the bit of recognition he got from being with Lu, but in the end it just wasn't his lane.

    Lupe stans should understand what it's like to not be able to do what you want creatively and feel like you're not where you want to be as an artist because of it.

  9. Matthew I bought ur ep and cd's....because of lupe....thank him because if ur name was googled nothing would come up...just another indie least now ppl know and like u...I love u and Lu together and at those dark times you should have had his back...not say his camp doesn't respond kindly...u have a Grammy nomination a platinum single and so on...people would die for that position, man up....u think lupe loves being labeled the "skateboarder?" or snoop the "pot head?" come on man you have to get ur name in the books somehow and it's on u to take ur career to the next level


  10. I completely understand what he is saying and he is right to pursue a creative identity that he feels accomplished with. The only negativity I feel about the situation is the fact that I believe they made amazing music together, and that he would probably have been on Lupe's songs on LASERS instead of MDMA. Don't get me wrong, MDMA isn't terrible, but Santos is miles ahead of him and his voice would have fit perfectly on a few of those songs.

  11. I have already expressed a lifetimes worth of gratitude to Wasalu himself, and to the press regarding the success of our collaborations. Even in this recent interview I expressed a lot of love that wasn't even published, as it didn't fit the spin and direction of the article quoted from above. Those words are paraphrased interpretations of my own, and do not fully nor accurately represent my feelings.

    Anthony: I don't need you to tell me to "man up" homie. I left FnF to follow my own creative vision and to keep my creative control and integrity as an artist. If Lupe could have done the same with Atlantic, he would have…and Lasers would have been a much different album.

    "Man up" to me means following your heart and vision, even if it means taking the long and hard way home…and that's what I've been doing the past three years as "just another indie artist".

    But regardless, thank you again Lupe, I mean that sincerely, if you feel I haven't said it enough. Maybe one day, some might consider that my involvement in your project may have also helped to define your career.

    That being said, I sincerely hope we can put our differences and mistakes behind us and make more music together in the future. Clearly your supportive following would like that.


  12. Hey Matthew, I'm a big fan of Lu and when I send his songs to my girl friends they always notice you more. Some actually became fans of yours because they heard you on those songs and looked you up. From there on, they just want your vocals and forget about Lu! You have some supporters on this blog as well, people sharing a good word about your music.

    Anyways, I as well hope for more projects from you and Wasalu, you guys make great music.

  13. Mathew can't blame Lupe's label for being the "voice of Lupe."
    That's just what happens when you don't release any follow up, solo albums. Or maybe that's what he's complaining about. Not getting any albums. But it's like Lupe said years ago, his artists are always free to do other things and work with other artist.


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