1. Lu seemed annoyed by her, I don't blame him

  2. LU can you explain to us why you didn't sell out? last I checked sellouts allays got corny grammys.

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  4. Otakuhead how fucking ignorant are you?, Food and Liquor won a Grammy and The Cool was nominated for a couple, how in the hell can you be a sellout just because you were nominated for Grammies?, I worry about people like you.

  5. I disagree with people who say saying Lupe "failed" his fans and is becoming a sell out. It's not 2006 anymore. He's exploring new sounds and styles. Nothing wrong with that...

    As far as the Atlantic thing goes, Lupe will leave when the opportunity presents itself. When an artist signs a recording contract, he is legally obligated to release a certain number of albums on that label. If the execs don't like his songs (see: Nothing on You) it slows down the process and new ones must be recorded until the label decides they are marketable enough to sell. That's why Lasers took so long, and that's why he can't just "leave Atlantic."

    Honestly, I think Lupe is trying to stay true to himself and make his fans happy but it's difficult when the label keeps forcing this new commercialized image on him. If he keeps it "TOO" real, Atlantic won't make $$$ off him.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Lupe certainly failed his OG fans and he knows it, he would never react to some anonymous haters.

    He has more fans than ever...

    but he does not have real fans who love him as a human being...

    he is left with temporary fans who want his autograph and want to dress the way he dresses.

    It's not the music what turned me off but his fake image and constant contradictions...

    He should have balls to act what he preaches so we can support the cause.

    I've grown up, FL is more than 5 years old, I've changed too, I'm not some kid anymore...

    He got his Ferrari collection while I am left with his music wasting my time on things that will never get me somewhere in life.

    All I'm sayin is that I can support lupe without even listening to his music, now that he associates with the kinds of Lil b, soulja boy and tyler I cannot support the cause.

    Blatantly falseness I would like to call it.

    I understand he is no saint, atleast he should tell his muslim brothers how it's going down and they should not participate in these kafir peoples actions.

    Just imagine what it means for a muslim kid who is growing up and looks up to lupe when he sees a photo of lupe and tyler.

    I know from myself, the first thing I would do is chekout tyler... and listen to his devil music.

    Now I am grown enough not to jump on the bandwagon of Lil b, tyler and souljaboy... but I feel sorry for our lil kids...

    instead of looking up to Malik Shabbaz they are left with garbage people.

    Salaam, Lupe is my akhi and I know one day his dream will become true to spread the truth but he should watch for our kids they are fragile these day with the media corruption..

  7. DaPactEPIC,

    Did that go over your head? My bad... I said I don't believe Lu is a "sell out" or that he failed his fans. He's just trying to balance what the label's expectations are with staying true to his fans and himself.

    And for people who keep saying Lu needs to sign with another label, he cannot leave Atlantic until he finishes up with the projects he is currently working on.

  8. why can't he get himself dropped off the label? isn't there ANY possibility to disband a contract?

    But my points were not about the music if you read what I posted.



  10. Living legend ppl.....

    So much creativity.....goat

  11. There we go again.....oh my word I am tired of seeing these comments that Lupe sold out, etc and pple always wanna bring religion into it. Give the guy a break will ya.

    Anyway I guess imma stop reading comments section for on this blog for a while.

  12. @DatEpic

    You are not a fan. You are a fanatic. You're not right next to lupe everyday. You make presumptious judgements on internet snippets of his life. Why don't you get inspired by his music to make a difference in your own life.

    As far as the music industry thing he pretty much kept it real on Lupe Back off FOTP. And like AH said it's a tough spot for lupe cause he can't just make music it has to be what Atlantic wants to $ell.

  13. I seriously never thought he'd let his hair get that long.lol And as for him failing his OG fans, naw boo im still good,he hasnt failed me and i been ridin with Mr. Fiasco since the beginning. =) Nobody's perfect that's why things change,people change, time changes... =)

  14. Pretty sure spitting about coke runs and drug charges isn't going to fly when you're in the spotlight, unless you're Lil Wayne.

  15. Lol, always entertaining reading these comments. Sell-out, religion, Grammies . . . boy, who knew somebody with so much talent and passion could go into the music industry, touch millions of hearts . . . but still remain broke and in the same ghetto he grew up in.

    Grow up. If you hit the lotto, you move up. Simple. It's the same thing. Lu has already discussed the "duality of mankind". He knows he is not exempt and it shows. Yet he still remains humble in his mannerisms, in his ways and, even more, in his music (aside from a few "beef" songs like BMF, SLR and such). I just dunno how anybody can say he's sold out or is greedy or whatever when the guy is part of AND starts charities, does events like walking up a damn ice mountain for charity, and is now making a collabo group to give ALL PROCEEDINGS to needy children.

    Check yourselves, people. I dunno the guy personally nor you all . . . but I'm damn sure he's doing more with what he's got than anybody here.

  16. Lupe NEVER Failed his OG Fans He failed his Fans That Were only in it For The "Swag"

    Just Because Lupe Said He Would Work With SOulja Boi Don't Mean Sh*t! While Your "God" (That You Kiss Up To Everyday of your Hopeless life) Kendrick Lamar Can Work With Gucci Mane (And Remember Talib Kweli Worked with Gucci as Well)Why Can't Lupe? I Rather Lupe Work With Lil B Than Gucci or Soulja Boi any day.

  17. DaPactEPIC said...

    Lupe certainly failed his OG fans and he knows it, he would never react to some anonymous haters.

    You call yourself an OG fan? Lupe always responded to anonymous haters. Lu's infamous hypebeast beefs and rants? How an you call yourself a OG fan and not know about these lol


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