1. lu is a living legend.....thank God 4 his music

    tokyo tony!

  2. I'm hungry for beastly hip-hop. Common's new album is fresh, hopefully Lu can continue with the trend of bringing pure hip-hop back.

    Until then I'm going to listen to some AOTP, Wu-Tang and other classics.

  3. -Days Of The Blue.

    Personally I think about this is that SoundTrakk will be that 89 almost to a 90.

    Hopefully he prove my lame ass self wrong lol.


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  6. This is about to be a problem..! #foodandliquor2

  7. Now, all of a sudden no criticism is allowed on this blog? Its apparent anything constructively critical will be deleted and there is no "free speech." Lupe being in the studio with soundtrakk means nothing until some music comes out of it. So he blocks people from posting and only allows "bloggers" to post? lol ok cool. Too much pride to admit that he finally is listening to his fanbase. Prior to this he was prolly not gonna have soundtrakk on his next album, the fans went in an uproar, now he is. FRAUD

  8. @Poetintellect, I was thinking pretty much the same thing.

    I don't know if Lupe is the actually person that decides on the no comments or not, so I can't really say anything about that.

    The comments was a mess with the anon, if people truly care to comment something then they would sign in.
    Granted it doesn't take long, but still it's better then having mass arguments about the same thing.
    There's other site for all that shiz.

    I won't be on Lupe until F&LII is truly out if it will. Then, I can see if I was wrong or right.

  9. There's a difference between constructive criticism and plain hating like it happened on here a few days ago.

    Besides that, no comments are being deleted.

    ..and Soundtrakk already said he'd be working on beats for F&L2 a month or so ago..

  10. thanks for clarifying that sean. my apologies


  12. I think the people on this blog have been banned long enough. It shouldn't be that you need a google account just to say something on here. I know there's the box but that's different. If you're that worried about it why not have a membership with the website? If someone's hating profusely then just kick them out. Do whatever but blocking other people out is wrong.

  13. @Fiascalicious, I don't 100% agree on the logging in thing either.

    Though, if people really care to comment in the first place then I dont see why not sign in.

    Instead of getting spam of ANOY's.

    Plus I think this is like the after effects of a war since at least we now know the "names" of the people we talking to y'know.

    Which in my opinion strengthen up the community. :D

  14. It really is unnescessary to block the anons. Yea, a couple of times its plain hate, but on that last post (about F&LII possibly being postponed) the fans had every right to post what they did. If almost EVERYONE was upset and posted about it, its not hate, its a criticism. They were upset for a reason. Lasers was undeniably a trainwreck of an album (just ask the critics) and a statement like what was issued by Lupe in that interview is exactly how that trainwreck began. Fans were just letting Lu know that another Lasers will be unnacceptable, I don't see anything wrong with that. Blocking them/us from posting just blocks criticism and criticism is a good thing. If Lupe is never criticized, how will he know how to improve? Why does Lupe criticize the government in his raps? In hopes that the government will improve. Would it be ok if the government just silenced Lupe because of his criticisms? NO. So PLEASE unblock the comments. We need a wider range of opinions.

  15. They can just sign in with a Google account. I really do not imagine it being difficult.

    It's not just that F&LII post.

    There was so much hate against not just Lupe, but the whole community.

    I seriously do not believe that anons had that much of a better opinion then us.

    I was definitately upset about what he said about F&LII and the delay.

    Doesn't mean I have to take it on the people of this site.

  16. Google accounts take 5 mins, if you can't take 5 mins out of your schedule to make one enabling you to comment, then obviously you don't believe your comment is worthy of half a shit.

  17. This is awesome news.

    Talking about the comment sections, I can see some of the comments being seen as criticism, but there were also a lot of hateful comments too. Comments that said, "Fuck you Lupe" or "Lupe's changed, he's not the same, I'm done with him." That's hate, not criticism.

    There's nothing blocking people from creating a google account. You want to comment, get an account.

  18. Here's the thing, Lupe seems like a strong enough guy to take constructive criticism.... However, when you are saying hateful things about someone you never met ON THEIR FAN BLOG no less, expect that their real loyal fans and those in their circle are going to protect them/someone/something they love. As stated above, these sites are to keep the REAL fans informed.


  19. I'm all for criticism but if people's examples are "Lupe need to kill himself" then that's to far. Plus most anon's just commented and didn't even read the article it said "It's Up To ATLANTIC" not Lupe.

  20. lmao, I've got hope for F&L2 and I gotta say how I love how you can spot Lupe fans out of a crowd, by the very fact that all of you can take the time to type these thought out comments! and then respond again after...I'm hoping I can inspire people that way, love reading from you guys


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