Lupe Fiasco x Sunkist Fiesta

Shout out to all of my fans, especially those in Chicago. Get out and buy Sunkist Fiesta orange juice and coconut fruit bars at 7-11 in most Chicago area stores and help those less fortunate this season.

Here's the deal, now until Jan. 31, 2012 buy one get one free and a portion of the proceeds are donated to buy winter coats for those in need.

Buy as many as you can and take them home. Eat a great new product and feel great about helping others.

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Peace & Much Love To Ya...


  1. "I'm On" But, I moved to Vegas :-( ... I'll let the Fam know back home in the Chi!

    Lupe, this is why I love you! Thanks!

    - Luv4Fiasco

  2. I wouldn't mind if their was another way to help for those who don't live in the Chi. And those bars look good too.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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