Lupe Fiasco sticks to his word and records Verse for Dublin Rapper

You might remember Spin 1038's competition to find Ireland's newest urban superstar. Lupe promised to write and record a verse for the winner.

Dublin native Nu-Centz emerged victorious and has just received that long-awaited Lupe Fiasco verse. The track is expected to hit airwaves soon, once the final edit receives the Nu-Centz seal of approval.

UPDATE: Track drops January 19th!


  1. That's so thoughtful of Lupe to do this for the gentleman. It takes a real man to keep his word.

  2. As always, youre the best Lu! A real man, he is for sure.

    - @Luv4Fiasco

  3. This is cool that Lupe would do such a thing. I don't follow other artists like I do Lupe, but I'm doubtful that this sort of thing happens a lot.


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