1. lol wow
    OMH is the highest
    TSGO is behind some bullshit
    WINS isn't even on it

    Fuck the Negro Network

    ...and fuck J. Cole just cuz

  2. I'm not surprised WINS didn't make the list. A big time network putting a politically charged song on a top 100 list will probably never happen, and that's a damn shame.

  3. Even showing more proof that it's really about the hook.

    A really cheering song (TSGO) is behind the one that about the girl.

    I probably word this very badly, but you get the point hopefully.

  4. Like a lame....I watched BET's Notarized. I was very surprise that TSGO made it to the 54 position...Lupe fan or not...that song was one of biggest hits this year! It should of at least cracked the top 20...But its BET so I can't be too mad,smh


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