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Lupe Fiasco’s affection for sneakers has been well documented ever since he first entered the music scene with his Grammy-nominated first single “Kick, Push” in 2005. Being named a Vans OTW advocate, his involvement with footwear has now reached the next level as the Chicago native has taken an active role in designing.

Last Wednesday, during Vans’s launch event for its Spring 2012 OTW footwear line during Berlin Fashion Week, we caught up with Lupe and conversed about his involvement with the brand, his design processs, his intentions with this collaboration, his latest musical project SNDCLSH and much more.

What message are you trying to convey by collaborating with such a huge platform like Vans?

Being such a big brand, they obviously have their own philosophies. My role is based on the advocating aspect. OTW models have already been created and then we, the advocates, come in and put in the final touches. They are also trying to be educational with what they are doing, which is something I agree with.

They create a shoe that is fashionable but still carries the Vans DNA, which means it has a story behind it. It’s a shoe that you can wear every day. It is not something that comes with crazy colors and a bunch of crazy pieces. Don’t get me wrong, that is cool but the OTWs are suitable for a every day experience since they are simple and fashionable. The shoes are also relatively affordable and you can wear them for a long time. There are some technical aspects being added to it to make them more comfortable.

It makes sense and I certainly agree with that. So on that level, that was something that I was looking for. I was not looking for high fashion like Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, tear them up and feel bad and stupid about it afterwards. Or even shoes that are too heavy. So the OTWs are cool, you can wear them every day.

What is the status of your next solo album?

Food & Liquor II is in the works. However, it’s a complicated process – dealing with the record company and all that so I can’t really open up on it right now. But I am definitely looking forward to it and can’t wait to offer something special from Lupe Fiasco. Be on the lookout.

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