Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Complex

Complex sat down with Lupe Fiasco to talk about Vans, fashion, and his appreciation for Yohji Yamamoto.

You were named Vans OTW advocate recently, but it seems you've been rocking their shoes for years. How natural did the relationship with the company feel?

I was wearing more Vans than any other shoe, and I have thousands of shoes. I was wearing them just everyday — out of simplicity, ease of wear, and pricepoint. I feel bad wearing Lanvins and destroying them, but with Vans I don't really care.

I've worked with shoe brands before. I've worked with Reebok, Adidas, and even Y-3. I've always been in and out of that world of being a brand advocate, but this was a little bit easier because it was like "I'm already doing it." Even if we weren't building a relationship together, I would still be wearing them. You could just come to a show and shoot me performing and I'd be in some Vans.

What's your favorite pair?

My most remembered pair are Vans Syndicates. Some Sk8-His that I was actually skating in. That was my first lesson in like "maybe I shouldn't skate in these." They were more a fashion shoe, and I put two big ollie holes in the side. I was like "Oh well." But those are my most remembered pair.

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