Vote for Lupe Fiasco [Best MTV Live Performance of 2011]

MTV has some "Best of 2011" polls up right now and Lupe is featured in the Best MTV Live Performance of 2011 poll for his performance of "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" during Spring Break. - Voting is open until Monday, December 12 at 12pm ET. Be sure to tune-in to the Best of 2011 special airing on MTV on Tuesday, December 13!

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  1. I'm going to keep on voting for Lu since I think his IDWCRN performances are beast! Beyonce revealing she was pregnant at the end of her performance was a big deal tho, so she might win for that, don't really mind.

  2. I personally do not think that Lu will have enough support to win this thing with all the other OVERFLOWING fan bases sadly. T_T

    It doesn't matter though.

    This music video gave me a nostalgic blast of when I watched this on the official website. SUCH GOOD TIMES!

  3. i thought him and pooh bear doin cupcakin was best live performance this year. hot shit! DAMNED IF I DO DAMNED IF I DONT TELL EM POOH!!!

  4. ^ ey real talk foh wit dat homie cuh u kno lu got da real nigga fans nahmean? but shih real talk da tuth of da mattr is dat mah nigga lu jus got 2 many of dem salty ass hatin niggas who was ridin wit his shit b4 n feel dey gota hate dis shih nahmean? real talk dere ain't shit wrong wit dat but real talk wen niggas only doin it outta dat spite is sum ol othr typa foul shit feelme? real talk dat spiteful shit niggas got cuh da music or lu himself or whatev nahmean? niggas jus take dat spite to a level it ain't pos to be nahmean? real talk das y mah nigga lu been losin support n shih nahmean?

    ya boy spoke

  5. ^I guess, but they could be just going through a phase. Either way Lu already replied to them, see verse 3 of supercold :)

  6. If still hate or think Lu has fallen off after FOTP then goodbye to you sir.

    Joaquin Phoenix rivials any track on the fahrenheit mixtapes (apart from failure) and SUPER COLD is just straight up poetry.

    WWJD is equivalent to any concept track on The Cool.

    People are seriously hating FOTP because of the beats and the lyrics because Lupe's lyrics on FOTP was definitely ON POINT.

    Who cares if you don't like IDWCR (I don't even like it myself, hell I hate LASERS) just vote for Lu.

  7. and not the lyrics*

    I wish we were able to edit our posts. -_____________-

  8. i want lupe to always but with adele someone like you? come on.... really? when will lupe get an acceptance speech already? -_-

  9. ^ Should have got one the year The Cool was nominated for best rap album.


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