"The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco is "The Anthem of 2011" [Huffington Post Article]

John W. Ennis wrote a piece on "The Show Goes On" and why it's his anthem of 2011.

Weaving an interpolation of Modest Mouse's 2004 upbeat hit "Float On," Lupe Fiasco uses his verses to unify the impoverished and privileged alike, urging courage to resist everyday oppressors, drawing strength from both childhood dreams and the power that a rarefied performer gets to observe when audiences are chanting his lyrics back to him around the world.

And yet in his open-ended challenge that "Ain't nobody leavin, nobody going home, even if they turn the lights on, the show is going on," there seems to be the prescient call for in-person assembly and energy that so many apparently desired deep down, across America, and around the world.

When future generations look back at us and our time, I hope they can associate this song with this tumultuous, inspiring era.

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  1. The song sure is.
    This song and All Black Everything are probably the 2 songs that I can considered a classic in all honesty.

    This song because it gives such a positive vibe which makes you smile. At least to me it does.

    Like most people I have asked, this song makes them smile every time.

  2. ^ I agree about All Black Evrything, but Show Goes On not really.

  3. Lasers is a classic project regardless what anyone say, he deserves all the credit in the world for this song, him and Kane Beats

  4. You know, I really feel sad for those hating on this because of the beats or because Lupe missed out on his quadruple entendres or whatever. Y'all just empty inside, seeing everything at face value. You dont know shit about Lupe for real. For you its all about the beats. For him its all about the inspiration.
    Damn, I actually know people who have real stories associated with this song. Someone got over the death of his grandma, someone got the courage to resist the occupation, for someone it helped avoid religious nonsense (and mind you, Im talking about a guy who actually WAS a really religious person), and so on.
    Thumbs up Wasalu Muhammad Lupe Fiasco. I dont care about anyone else, youre still the same in God's eyes. :]

  5. It's a good song just not his best...


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