1. oh shit I'm pumped!... but I can't even imagine what a song by them would sound like.

  2. Tyler's making a look like Lupe just cut one

  3. IT would be shitty other than pharrells beat. tyler cant rap that great , and lupe doesnt rap great anymore.

  4. ^ ey real talk mah du

    das yo opinion son so i aint gon front but real talk check yo self wen u talkin dat greezy bout mah nigga lu now nahmean? i mean real talk i kno u got dat rite to say whatchu like n think whatchu think nahmean? but real talk niggas gotta learn 2 do dey homework son nahmean? i mean real talk niggas jus cant put dat shit off nahmean? cuh real talk dat mean u ain studyin N u gettin points off nahmean? real talk it jus gon leav a bad impression on da teacher son mahmean? real talk you gon end up failin tests n thinkin "damn if i coulda jus dun my homework fore i started makin dumbass statements bout da homie lupe i coulda aced sis shit" nahmean? real talk smarten up fore you start talkin dat shit son nahmean? i mean real talk u gon end up bein dat nigga who always tryna participate in class but keeps doin da problem on da board wrong so the teacher gotta walk u through dat shit infrona errybody nahmean? real talk niggas face palmin n shit over dat nahmean? but real talk no hate think whatchu want son but deres always a truth feelme? peace b witcha

    now real talk dat lil nigga tyler is mah homie son nahmean? dat Goblin shit actually appeal to ya boy nahmean? i mean real talk tyler take dat nonsense n turn it 2 a message bout how niggas gotta follow dey hearts nahmean? is like real talk tyler take dem crazy themes 2 show niggas how not givin a fuk brings dat happiness nahmean? so real talk mah niggas lu n pharreal jumpin gon take dis shit beyon nahmean?

    ya boy spoke

  5. Start a petition to bring back the old Lu?

  6. whoa cheeaahh just killed it with that analogy.

  7. I never understood why people actually waste there time coming to a lupe blog site to talk about him when he is making great music, boggles my mind really..

  8. haha tyler is always wearing weird ass cat shirts...

  9. ^^^^Maybe cause he likes pussy????

  10. I seriously despise everything about Tyler barring the fact that he is from Cali. That being said, I can't wait to hear some new Lu (produced by p)

  11. Man cut that shit out. We don't dislike lupe. In fact, we admire him (hence why we frequent this place - his fan page) and personally, he is my favourite musician. However, from where I stand, he's been struggling mightily for a while. I'm not going to chastise the man for experimenting with a different, unorthodox sound. He's being progressive and as an artist he has all the right in the world to express himself however he wants.

    But with that said, we as fans DO NOT have to gobble it up just because. Most of the mainstream media audience is bashed by people of so-called "higher culture" for being passive, voyeuristic; for not consuming what they're fed with a critical ear/eye. I disagree with that. While pockets of the mainstream audience readily eat the standardised crap they're fed and are incapable of staying true to what they believe, if the stereotype is anything to go by, the average Lupe fiasco listener is anything but.

    So why then are the lot of you sounding so freaking "mind boggled" at the prospect of someone disliking Lupe's recent musical approach.

  12. (^^^^continued from above)Lupe is amazing. He really is. From the trilogy of faranheight 1/15 mixtapes as well as the other 3 pre studio album mixtapes right through to Food & Liquor and The Cool, he is definitely out of this stratosphere in regards to class, intellect, flow ... everything. What's more, I can confidently say that I've never ever had as much fun at a hip hop gig as I have at all 3 of the Lupe show's I've been to. They're electric. He is a surreal live performer.

    With that said, however, I honestly deleted FOTP from my iPod as soon as I listened through it. While the lyrical content is not exactly something to sneeze at, I hated it sonically. The production is absolutely horrible. And what kind of rebuttal is, "but there was no production. These beats weren't engineered for him, they're instrumentals from other songs"? So? He used them. It sounds horrible. End of story.

    At the end of the day, it was a free mixtape, that much I both understand and appreciate. However, It's been three years since The Cool. LUPEND was underway, then scrapped (Which was great, it protracted Lupe's career thankfully. Then "The Great American Rap Album" was announced to replace it, with track 11 of the album titled "The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made". Remember that? Personally I geeked out upon reading that title. But guess what? THAT TOO WAS SENT TO THE BACK BURNER. This was in January 2009.

    Then a third announcement came. Lasers. It would be two whole years until it saw the light of day - as you all know. So that's three years in between albums, with promise after promise of a release then a stalemate and then eventually an release date scheduled for six months later. Had it quenched the thirst of his chronically deprived fans, i suspect all would have been forgiven, however it was highly underwhelming. And just for those of you one track minded drones who refuse to critisise anything pertaining to Lupe, if it adds any validation, Lupe himself told complex magazine "I hate this album".

  13. (^^^^continued from above) So essentially, what I'm saying is we're not coming on here to HATE on Lupe. You've got it all wrong. We're fans. I'm a fan just as much as you are. I remember constantly posting back in the day on the Lupe Fiasco Atlantic boards before they got revamped. And as I said earlier, he's my favourite musician. All I'm saying, because Lupe was so dormant (outside of EOTS)after The Cool, everything of course being put under a magnifying glass now that he has "resurfaced". And frankly, it's subpar. The last Lupe song I loved was "Go to Sleep" but it really has been few and far between for an artist that couldn't put a foot wrong for so long.

    Probably unfairly, but I'd be lying if it all didn't have me questioning the degree to which Lu was stonewalled by Atlantic into releasing music he didn't want to, because the his recent output which he HAS had creative control over hasn't sounded to far off it.

    In all honesty, I largely turned a blind eye to all the recent Lupe disappointments but it's reached a point where it's just whatever now. It has to be said, there are very few remnants of the Lupe Fiasco who blitzed the underground with his mixtapes and captured my attention with Food & liquor and The Cool. If they are still around, they defintely aren't evident in his most recent bodies of work, that's for sure.

    Here's to hoping we get the Lupe we know and absolutely LOVE on F&L 2.


  14. ^ nigga u got too much free time lolz gtfo

  15. New Lupe > old Lupe
    nahh, i said it got dammit

  16. @toomuchfreetime

    I get what you're saying but it has been said before a million times in every post's comment section for the past few weeks now!!! Hopefully this post doesn't end up with 100+ comments like the last ones so lets make this quick: what did you think of Joaquin Phoenix (original or new either or doesn't matter)? In my opinion, that's the best song he's made this year (debatable to many but for argument's sake). If you did like it, then how do you still find it in you to write a big ass essay about how bummed you are with "all the recent Lupe disappointments"? And if you didn't like it, I don't get you :/
    (JP is just one example of many non-disappointments imo)

    note: I'm not saying you're a hater. I get what you're saying but posting a long ass post about things we've read a million times before will get you labeled as such. So for the sake of this blog can we just move on already!?! Therapy session has long been over folks. Insurance don't cover this shit, bills getting too damn high.

  17. wow lupe is good but he really is just going down the wrong path teaming up with tyler

  18. @Noor Man I wish more fans were like you. People nit pick on the stupidest things, If lupe's lyrics is still brilliant, I don't care if he's rapping over country beats, I would still listen.

    Lupe has a tendency to make even the worse of beats sound good because of his brilliant lyricism and flow. The beats (not all of them) that were on Lasers were subpar but his lyrics and message made the songs good and listenable, compared to other songs released this year by mainstream artist that have good beats but no replay value ether in lyrics, message (which to me makes a good song) or both.

    For FOTP I thought he knocked it out the park in terms of the beat selection (or maybe it was just his improved lyrics and flow that made the beats sound so good) and lyrics, everything seemed to mesh really well compared to lasers to me.

    If these so called fans don't like the production side of his recent work they shouldn't chastise the man, because when it's all said and done his work is still better than ninety nine percent of the crap that's in the mainstream of music right now (even just his skills of writing verses to songs), so for that I applaud him.

    Human beings have a tendency to be ungrateful.

  19. "People nit pick on the stupidest things, If lupe's lyrics is still brilliant, I don't care if he's rapping over country beats, I would still listen."

    And you have the nerve to call hating his beat selection "nit-picking the stupidest thing". Fuck outta here with that garbage.

    The beat IS importatnt. It's music at the end of the day, a good song is a good song for more than just its lyrics. You can't divorce the lyrics entirely from the beat, I don't care how hard you claim you can, YOU don't even believe that. I'm not saying the beat has to be excellent, but a BAD beat can definitely ruin a lyrically-sound song. Or as you put it, its "replay value".

    Heck, if you don't give a shit about the beat and couldn't care less if he rapped over a country beat (which i'm assuming you brought up to imply you hate country beats) and only listen for the lyrics, in that case just go read a book. If the message is all that you're after, there is a ton of literature that speaks on issues far more eloquently.

    Take that sh*t somewhere else, that's garbage. I'm not nit-picking. I don't like the beats because they distract from his lyrics.

    As for Noor, I always forget to mention Joaquin Phoenix but that IS actually one I love. It's incredible, I should have mentioned it with Go To Sleep as "one of the few recent lupe" I've liked.

    I understand that the debate is getting redundant; fair enough. Looking back, I probably should have posted this in the "Lupe addresses critics" thread. My bad.

    I digress.

  20. what's with the alien hand sign lu? haha

  21. love lupe and pharell...tyler? urmmm..maybe not so much.

  22. lupe been my fav hiphop artist since 2004? this is just getting sad

    I dont mess with his faith people should do what they want to, but at the end of the day he is just as fake as the rest of the game... his bla bla is even visible to the kaffirs, real people know what I talk about.

    it's not hate, it's a advice from a brother to a brother.

    real eyes, realize, real lies.

    Big Salaam

  23. ^ wat do u mean?! As in he's slipping off his Deen?!!

  24. deen is his personal thing, between Allah swt and him.

    but he should know that he is in the culture creation biz and he's into some weird stuff, if you do it all to become 'famous' or in his case to have influence and bring the 'good message' and then you should take responsebility that you have people who admire you i.e buy same clothes, do things you do ect... which is bad offcourse but that's how culture creation works.

    at the end of the day no one is a saint, we should seek to follow our Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah swt be upon him). But teens these days just want to relate to role models... lupe is among those 'muslim' role models, wheater he likes it or not. We cannot choose to be muslims on friday and when we drink and party on saturday we don't take responsebility. Part-time preeching the good.

    I mean I understand that someone may watch porn in their free time but please disclose your sins. I don't need to know those details. I also find it verry disturbing to hear lupe photograph himself with pornstars. It's just moraly not correct nor does it give a good influece to the youth in general, kafir or not, it doesn't matter...

    And in his 'fight' against evil I find it that IMO he's is not honest to himself... people like kanye, jay-z , tyler all promote and IMPO work for that SAME EVIL he is fighting....

    I understand that he whould lose a lot of finance not working with these people, and that he needs them in a way to stay in the game. but then again I ask myself is it worth it? isn't that the same as selling out?

    I don't like to judge people, I love Wasalu for the sake of Allah swt, I still love my akhi,this all is just a part of his plan. A bit more care for his fans whould be ok.

    Salaam, Muz

  25. Ignoring the obligatory argument about how Lupe isn't what he once was..

    Tyler said on his formspring that Lupe isn't collabing with them, he was just stopping by.


  26. If you can really sit there and say Lupe's new shit is good, you're a dickrider*

    He said himself he didn't like LASERS and then he releases FOTP which is apparently meant to be a Katy B mixtape (Skrillex? Really?"). American Terrorist III didn't help my expectations either. Lupe has a right to make this fruity shit, even though I expected better from him and no longer even want to hear his new shit.

    I knew Lupe lost it when he lost a debate with Bill O'Reilly. He needs more soundtrakk and less dubstep if he wants the respect of his real fans. These white girls and oversensitive black dudes that support him now are steering him down the wrong path by cheering for this tomfoolery.

  27. These comments are just ridiculous. Everyone is just saying the same thing. I don't think people get that Lupe is going to make music he likes, regardless if his fans like it or not. He's going to want to branch out and try something new eventually. If you don't like the music, that's cool, I just think that comments like "Lupe's lost it" or "Lupe's not deep anymore" are ridiculous, especially since he's only out one new album and mixtape. I don't think you can form a permanent opinion about Lupe's skills based on one album (an album Lupe never really liked).

  28. Tyler's looking at Lupe like he wants to kill him and maybe he should. Lupe's a sellout faggot genius and Tyler's a fuck sellouts and faggots genius.

  29. I fight evil... but I collaborate with it? Keep your enemies closer kinda thing? Confusing message to the little children on these boards.

  30. Anonymity is like a warm blanket thank you for the option for those who think Tyler is garbage from Bastard: "Demons running inside my head telling me evil thoughts. I'm the dream catcher but nothing but nightmares i've caught". "I wanted a brother, my mother, I told her but instead I got a sister. Just like me. With her mister nada. So both of our imaginations are creations of the fucking situations that are having our brains racing like, Daytons."

  31. Lupe and Tyler are opposites side of the same coin. They are the same. They are both very intelligent people who wanted be more then a chink in the chain. So they used their superior perspectives to give the people what was missing form their lives. Lupe in the form of intelligent puzzle-based rhyme schemes over optimistic melodic hip-hop beats and Tyler in the form of hard-core subliminal hip-hop with deep seeded messages of individuality and rebellion against oppression and authority. They both succeeded and reached those they wanted to but neither can be considered wholly successful and neither are Good or Evil. People recognize absolutes when they hear certain words or appearances and their brain automatically associates that person with that thing. Everything is perspective. You're not stupid when you can see through perspectives other then your own. Both these artists can see through each others eyes.

  32. Tyler is DOPE. you don't have to agree but I think he is creative and funny in his verses. GOBLIN was a surprisingly good album that had a few fillers, but his orginality mixed with lu's, and pharrel's beats will sound great imo.

  33. The beats reflects the song and the emoticon put into it in my opinion.

    Now then school comparisons.

    L.A.S.E.R.S. was an album where you could say that Lu got a B-.

    FOTP could be the extra credit to raise L.A.S.E.R.S. to a B+.

    F&L2 is the finales and third strikes and you're out y'know.

    Lu has to pass this to graduate college.

    We should judge when F&L2 is out.

  34. Take out Tyler the Creator and add Kanye West. Start making a Child Rebel Soldier album with Pharell and Kanye! FOTP was sick, I want some more of that!

  35. Look at that stank look Tyler's giving Lupe. That's one of the many reason's Tyler should not work with Lupe.

  36. I think cheeaahh is that runaway slave Tyler and hes just found refuge on this website.

  37. @Muz hold hold up wen did u see Lu drinking on a saturday?? wen did he take pics w/ porn stars?? how do u know he only chooses 2 be muslim on Fridays?

  38. @Noor i also loved Joaquin Phoenix ( the origional) coz that Travis Barker beat was SICK.

    I really enjoyed the flow, Lupe's Bars on that song was Crazy.

    Anyway i dislike Tyler, as an artist i think he's very creative, but he's to crazy for my liking. and well Pharrell and Lupe are friends so whatever i guess sometimes Pharrell does Lu favours by giving him beats. but the last song they did together 'Beaming" was Ok. so hopefully this time around they will do something HoT

  39. Well maybe Lupe was just there to say Hey. and wasn't recording anything with Tyler.

    mmmm either way. Pharrell and Lupe need to give us something ASAP!

  40. They all look like theyr on somthin lmao!!!

  41. @anon who said hold up

    I clearly stated in that part 'We cannot choose to be muslims on friday and when we drink and party on saturday we don't take responsebility. Part-time preeching the good.'

    So I was speaking of muslims in general, this was not particularly pointed at lupe or any specific person.

    ''wen did he take pics w/ porn stars?? how do u know he only chooses 2 be muslim on Fridays?

    I believe it was posted on here somewhere? someone told me that that (I should make it clear that that somebody is worthy of trust).

    I never claimed he only chooses to be muslim on fridays?

    Salaam Muz

  42. I love the fact that more of My People have been commenting here lately :)

    Salaam :D

  43. ^ Me again...

    I've read the post above me claiming Lupe only chooses to be Muslim on Fridays. That baffles my mind.

    I do not believe that for one moment. Lupe is ALWAYS forthcoming with his beliefs and thats somethings I admire, especially in an age were being Muslim is grounds for persecution.

    In my country there are lots of muslims who catch on shit during the week and then go to Jum'uah on Fridays. Its not as if I'm some kind of super Muslim, but I don't know what to say about these people...

    Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that you can't just level that kind of criticsm towards someone. I think Lupe is a shining light for Islam.

    Salaam :D

  44. *reads posts then looks at his hand... facepalm with the gravitational pull of a dark hole*

  45. ^^^^^
    LMAO . . .
    Yeah, it's really that bad.
    Arguing on this site is like tying a shoe without fingers. You. Get. Fucking. Nowhere.
    In regards to this pic . . . uuuuhhhh, this is NOT the first time Lu's been in a photo with Tyler, the Creator. >__<
    Ya'll act like Tyler's some fucking Satan worshiper. He's a kid living the dream. Calm down.

  46. @Muz yea I kinda get wat ur saying, but I know A LOT of Muslims that do pray, but go out 2 clubs & do things they shouldnt do, but as Muslims we can not judge some1 4 their mistakes (I'm guessing u already know that) & i am not saying that they r right, & its okay 2 do this. u also know that being a Muslim in America is not easy, but that should not be an excuse.

    Salaam :)

  47. hopefully another crazy track like horn synth (if you want to) gets created

  48. "If You Want To" was one SICK track!

    Hoping for another one like that :D

  49. Selam Brother, I'd like to add this

    a believer is the mirror of his brother"(5), and if he sees any faults in the other believer, he draws his attention to it, helps him to give it up and helps him wipe away any evil that he may have. Ibn Hazm said: Anyone who criticises you cares about your friendship. Anyone who makes light of your faults cares nothing about you."

  50. Nice Hadith. But these ''faults'' you're drawing attention to are nothing but conjecture.

    I'd like to see some proof of your criticism, if thats okay?

    Salaam :)

  51. @Muz yea I agree but some of the things u r stating about Lu are false, & if u knew him personally then u can talk 2 him, but now ur just focusing on minor things

    @the comment above me yea I would like to see proof 2

    & btw this is a girl lol
    Salaam :)

  52. I will brother, just comment so I know I'm not wasting my time.

    @other brother, I never said he was muslim on friday, I said WE should seek not to be preeching something, while doing it ourselves, In general speaking. It was figurativ.

    Salaam Alikum, Muz

  53. @Muz inshAllah I will be waiting : )

  54. Yeah, I just wanna see it..

    But if its inconclusive you can bet I'm gonna point it out :P

    Salaam :D

  55. Ok brother, so I will just basically go back to what I wrote and explain, hopefully back up my arguments, as I do not know brother Wasalu personally it may not be 100% as it comes from my perception (i.e that which Lupe chooses us to see). So my critics are just based on the projection lupe gives to his fans.

    Now I've been a supporter of the cause of lupe since I was 14 so I know relatively much about Lupe (maybe not so much about Wasalu keep that in mind)

    the first critique I've wrote here was this

    'I dont mess with his faith people should do what they want to, but at the end of the day he is just as fake as the rest of the game... his bla bla is even visible to the kaffirs, real people know what I talk about.'

    What I meant here is that he preaches one and does the other. In this case I was talking about 'keeping it real' concept, where lupe attacks the 'evil' ( let's call it evil everything that's unjust, who ever is doing it, or is supporting/i.e working for the evil, or is a part/controlled by the evil).

    Now as far as I'm concerned a lot of people lupe supports/works with or is associated with in one way or another are IMPO working for that same evil. Jay-z, kanye, Pharrel. Just to name a few.

    Now I'm sure you all have heard about the hadith, where prophet Muhammed (saws) says that if you wanna know a person, look at his friends (company).

    Now I'm sure (I'm not ignorant or placing accusations upon others) that lupe has a lot of muslim brothers and sisters as his friends.

    Now we are living in a special time, where alot of unjustice is being done upon our fellow human beings around the world (Palestine, West-china on the uygur people, Congo genocide (beautiful africa in general, wars by the oppressing nations of the nato and other pacts that support oppression, just to name a few...)

    Taking them as friends in general terms, taking them as helpers and supporters, and throwing in ones lot with them.

    Allaah forbids all this, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as awliya (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but awliya to one another [al-Maaidah 5:51].

    Now don't get this out of context, what is meant here is Jews and Christians ... is what we see today, jews and christians working together to establish world ruling state of Israel. i.e Zionist. In the history Jews and Christians have never worked together. It is a deceptive time that we are living

    (this is part 1)

  56. if you want me to go further on part one just tell, I don't want to create misconceptions about what I meant, hopefully you will understand what I wrote. ( Maybe I should have wrote why jay-z kanye ect... work for the evil, but since this would consume a lot of my time explaining that part I refrained from that hoping that you understand why they work for the evil, and this again is not an attack on kanye ect.. personal but judged upon my perception. If we knew those people personally we would probably have good words for them)

  57. I got to that second last paragraph of yours and I could already tell what kind of person you are :)

    With that quote you used I suppose your one those Muslims who wants out society to be separate. You seem to have a strong "We are not like them" complex going on. I don't like it :/ I think thats a very close minded and improper way to live.. Also I'm not sure what your arguement is anymore. It was about Lupe behaving improper for a Muslim, you seem to have changed it to " Lupe shouldn't hang out with non-Muslims"

    Getting back to the verse in Surah Maa'idah, I am familiar with it. But in order to understand these verses you have to understand the time at which they were revealed. They are highly similar to the verses where Muslims are told to defend themselves: they were revealed at a time when Islam and its followers were persecuted by the non-muslims. I'm not saying that these verses don't apply anymore, the Quraan is timeless... What I'm saying is that you have to be careful in your interpretation.

    By the way I'm not sure if its also in Surah Maa'idah or perhaps in Surah Baqarah, where Allah says "It is not for you to cast judgement on others. Wheather they be Sabian, Christian Jewish (lots more are mention). Their judgement lies with Allah"

    Like I said, I'm not sure of the exact Surah or verse. I'll look it up tomorrow.. Right now I'm gonna sleep. Its already early morning in my country :/

  58. So like I said previously it is not an personal attack, but rather critique on some of their actions i.e that which they choose us to see, as far as we are being able to see (i.e actions, their artistic work, expressions, interviews ect...)

    then I went on and replied to

    ''wat do u mean?! As in he's slipping off his Deen?!!''

    I said that

    'deen is his personal thing, between Allah swt and him.'

    then I said that lupe is in the culture creation business and that he is a role model for certain muslims and non-muslims, weather he likes or doesn't likes to be this role model, it's my constatation that he is a role model.

    Then I went on to explain that, because lupe has a lot of people who look up to his, he has this extra pressure to be an excellent example, as with fame comes being a role-model. It is a side effect of it, even though lupe doesn't want to be a posterboy for islam, he has to cope with the fact that because of this side-effect of fame HE IS.

    that's why I said, 'We cannot choose to be muslims on friday and when we drink and party on saturday we don't take responsebility.' I was speaking in GENERAL, this was just an example, I didn't say lupe drinks, which he does not Alhamdulillah!.

    Then I went on saying that because if lupes influence on the children/people who look up to him. It is better for lupe to watch some his deeds when making them public

    I said 'but please disclose your sins.'

    Then I gave a example of watching porn (which was stated in a interview I read) and that he photographed himself with immoral people who make pornographic videos.

    I said so I have to bring proof
    Proof one ( I was alerted by others about this ) http://www.thelupendblog.com/2011/07/pics-lupe-fiasco-x-pinky-x-lil-duval.html

    and the interview can be found on here :( http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/6334-lupe-fiasco/ )

    he said : "I don't like to degrade women, but I like pornography. So what is that? It's weird, the stuff that we do."

    Also, just reading the comment section on the photo with the pink girl.

    'Anonymous said...
    It's bad because lupe says he follows the teachings of Muhammad. Touchin girls that he is not married to means he is hypocritical.

    Btw that was not me commenting.

    then I went on saying what I ment by the previous comment 'And in his 'fight' against evil I find it that IMO he's is not honest to himself... people like kanye, jay-z , tyler all promote and IMPO work for that SAME EVIL he is fighting....

    And this critique is nothing personal, I never met Wasalu, but a fan, and akhi, I feel the freedom to say some things for the good of him. Now I could question myself of bothering posting it here (knowing that Wasalu will never read this) but I hope it will be beneficial to other brothers and sisters.

    I love Wasalu, so as a genuine supporter I feel the freedom to adress certain things.

    Ibn Hazm said: Anyone who criticises you cares about your friendship. Anyone who makes light of your faults cares nothing about you."

    I hope I clarified some of the things! hope my time didn't go wasted.

    Selam Alikum wa Rahmetullahi Was Baraakatu

    ;) remember to smile hehe

  59. I was afraid of this, that you would not understand my reply. Hopefully I can restore some things other may misinterpret.

    'With that quote you used I suppose your one those Muslims who wants out society to be separate.' I'll be straight, No, I'm not one of them. In fact I have even a atheist friend (we grew apart due to his drug abuse, alcohol use ect.. but we do speak now and then?)

    'You seem to have a strong "We are not like them" complex going on.'

    Nope, I was not speaking about 'normal' people, but rather people who are associated in the christian/jew(zionist) pact.

    So if your friends are not zionists (or work for them, or choose NOT to speak out against then, like lupe does CEO of his label is a israeli for example) then that's now what is meant in the surah I stated. Allah Alim! I'm not a scholar to give much details about that surah but I got this from Sheikh Imran Hossein, he explains this surah alot in his talks.

    'But in order to understand these verses you have to understand the time at which they were revealed.'

    I believe the word of Allah is universal and cannot be applied to a certain time, unless it is stated so.

    'What I'm saying is that you have to be careful in your interpretation' Thank you for your concerns akhi, but I got this interpretation from Sheykh Imran Hossein.

    'Right now I'm gonna sleep. Its already early morning in my country :/'

    Good night!, I think I should too!

    Selam, and Allah Alim

  60. @Muz this is not the anon u replied 2 but ur time was definetly not wasted Alhamdullilah! & yes i am not 2 happy 4 wat ive seen. in no way am i trying 2 say that it is okay as a Muslim 2 do these things, but i am sure u do know that he has had a girfriend & said he has had sexual intercourse w/ her, he said in an interview that he lost his virginity @ the age of 17. i honestly never knew about the interview u posted. But MANY Muslims struggle w/ this issue & again Wasalu is a human being meaning that he will make mistakes & Allah (SWT) said to repent. I also want 2 know wat he meant by " since i am a Muslim, people think that i pray 5 times a day, but u wont see that on a day-to-day basis" wat do u think he meant by that?

  61. Its sometimes difficult to pray 5 times a day. I actually know LOTS of Muslims who don't...

    Does that mean they aren't proper Muslims?

    To honest your guys sound like bigots... Its beginning to annoy me :/

    In Islam extremes in both ends of the scale is considered haraam, wheather you be ultra passive or militant extremist. Even though I don't know Lupe, I am certain that he is a good person and role much. Much better that other artists around these days.

    What do you guys want from him? Should he grow a beard and wear his kurta everywhere he goes?

  62. Ah Muz, I saw those proof pics and I gotta say I'm sorry I called you out on that one. Also, kinda disappointed in Lupe for that one... Those pics are kinda recent too :(

    About the pitchfork interview I don't buy it. Print interviews in general are garbage to me. They like posting s***.


    I skimmed through your critique of my post though. With reference to the whole interpretation thing.. I'm gonna be blunt, I don't care which sheikh or imaam your get your interpretations from. Use your brain.

    Often I sit in Jummuah and I get pissed off by the things that these imaams say. I find that they definitely try to instigate and "us against them mentality" which in itself is haraam. Everything is open to interpretation.

    Salaam :)

  63. Glad it was not wasted time.

    I'd like to point out that I never said he was a bad person or bad muslim. As I would never say that about any brother or sister!! but like I stated before I can adress certain actions of brothers and sisters! it would be stupid not to do so! as they can benefit from these things! we all can.

    All I said it's extra important for him because he has a large impact! not to say or do somethings!!!! for this his actions may count bigger than that of a person that as no fame.


    What do you guys want from him? Should he grow a beard and wear his kurta everywhere he goes?

    No? I never said this

    Much better that other artists around these days.

    So? 'artist' in general isn't that islamic, it's even the question if music is allowed!!! but that is an complete diffrent topic! we should be honest with ourselves.

    speak the truth, even if it goes against yourself!!!

    People get emphatic about defending what they most love.

    SO if your into music you will defend it, same with someone who drinks alcohol, he will tell you 1000 benefits ignoring the reality.

    Like heroin too, No, heroin is not evil. The problem truly is addiction to heroin. But, I ask you this: do you know of anybody who shoots heroin who isn't addicted?

    And I also ask you this, what is better kids who grew up not listening to music (i.e being influenced by it) or kids who grew up on pop and hiphop?

    I lost some friends due to hiphop... we grew apart due to them using drugs. drinking alcohol ect...

    not only that, I could provide you with evidence that hiphop promotes SHIRK, the worst thing in islam


    I think it's dangerous if we went to interpret things ourselves... I love imran Hossein! check him out bro really!!

    Offcourse I use my brain!

    Selam Alikum
    Muzzzz :)

  64. I would appreciate it if you stopped taking things I'm saying out of context. You single out a sentence and then hash it. Given, a single sentence represents an idea, but I use entire paragraphs to represent COMPLETE ideas.


    I'm sorry, but I shall continue to interpret things the way I please. I am not the least concerned with with Hussein dude... All I'm concerned with is being a good human being with morals. I refuse to stand by when Imaams stand in the Mosque and try to spread contempt.. I switch off. It is UN-ISLAMIC and its infuriates me. That kind of closed mindset is whats holding this Ummah back.

    Also, the Quraan can be interpreted in man ways. Thats why you have these guys running around and blowing themselves up. Its so sad. Suicide is not martydom. Suicide leads to Jahannam.

    Salaam :)

  65. lol if you believe people blow themselves up because of islam you must be pretty close minded... ;)

  66. And thus you prove my point :D

    Go back to the paragraph I wrote before the line break :/

  67. I love lupE and pharrell and Tyler but idk how that will sound hopefully fucking gnar which I expect


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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