Lupe Fiasco on the 2011 Billboard Year-End Charts

Billboard just released the official year-end charts for 2011. After the jump you can find out how Lupe did on the charts this year.

Billboard Top Artists 2011
#50 - Lupe Fiasco

Hot 100 Songs 2011
#28 - "The Show Goes On"

Billboard 200 Albums 2011
#59 - Lasers

Digital Songs 2011
#23 - "The Show Goes On"

Digital Albums 2011
#19 - Lasers

Top R&B/Hip Hop Artists 2011
#15 - Lupe Fiasco

R&B/Hip Hop Songs 2011
#39 - "Out Of My Head"

R&B/Hip Hop Albums 2011
#15 - Lasers

#45 - "The Show Goes On"

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  1. This is why he made lasers....congrats lu

  2. ayo real talk is good 2 see mah nigga lu shinin nahmean? i mean real talk is true dis da whole reason lasers was wut it was but real talk is good to know mah nigga lu maintainin nahmean? now real talk we all got dem thoughts bout lasers n i know how soma yall redy to make a holiday wher yall maka fuckin bonfire out dem shits but dis rite here jus sumn 2 giv dat nod n jus hope for wutchu want nex nahmean? real talk niggas can say wut dey want but dat grind can b reconized feelme? i mean real talk at da very leas mayb dem niggas holdin mah nigga lu's strings n jerkin da man aroun like he some produc bitch can be satisfied nahmean? peace

  3. ^Now time for the real deal and last deadline for a good amount of fans to go or not go with F&L2 Next Year.

    I'm staying whatever happens.

    L.A.S.E.R.S., I hope thee and I will never meet again.

  4. L.A.S.E.R.S., I hope thee and I will never meet again.{2}

  5. Lasers wasn't my favorite Lu album, but I commend him for making a commercially viable album that is not profane and still addresses key sociopolitical issues of our time.

    The production and lyrical quality may not have been on point, but I think he knew that and decided to let the message override the artistry a little. So as an art, lasers was a flop, but as a tool to propagate messages of love and social justice, its a win.

    There are things beyond us, beyond the ego of acclaim, worth striving for. Lu has nothing to prove to us or himself, and so he chose not to. And I think that takes more courage (and demands more respect) then making a "lyrically dope" semi-underground record for the third time to reach the same people, who already believe in your message.

    Lasers may not be grand in our eyes, but its influence is grand. And thats something to be proud of. So congradulations Lu. I await F&L2 optimistically.

  6. ^and I say all the above keeping in mind label pressures to produce something he may not have wanted to, but i think he made the best out of a terrible situation of creative oppression.

  7. Lupe is fine as wine
    Nice chocolate brother cool
    As ice the way he walk and
    Talk he has alot of swag
    When Lupe speaks everybody
    Listen he has that kind of
    Voice that raises eyebrows
    Doesn't have to speak aloud
    Cause he stands out in the crowd
    Lupe knows what it takes to reach
    Hearts he makes like it's easy but
    not at all just open the ear and
    hear what he has to say it could
    save a life

    Congrats to Lupe

  8. ^ Don't hate that poster. Lol... I'm laughing too but I can appreciate that posters sentiment :P


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