Eric Turner Single in January x Break The Chain Alternative Version

Eric Turner took to Twitter a few days ago and replied to some fans. He revealed that his track "Angels and Stars" featuring Lupe x Tinie Tempah should drop some time in January and that he'll release a mixtape featuring an alternative version of "Break The Chain."


  1. you can tell poor Lupe is trying to atone for all his sin what with titles like Break the Chain and Angels and Stars. Jesus Christ will forgive you once you accept him, Lupe. God bless :)

  2. OMG 4 Gods sake stop saying "u need to accept Jesus", Muslims LOVE & ACCEPT him........ As a Prophet/Messenger.

  3. ^^Chill. It's obvious they're trolling.

  4. haha @ you guys thinking lupe has accepted jesus......he ain't even a muslim....he's a devil worshiper!

    Look how many buttons he got on his jacket: 6....hmmmm,i wonder how that number sounds familiar? oh yeah! its 1/3 of the sign of the beast.

    honestly, theres more stuff, but i dont got time to post


  5. ^^^ U trippin, find something else to do.

  6. @ threvealer:
    HAHAHA, epic fail by you. Look at the picture again. Count 'em, 7 BUTTONS! There is another at the very bottom of the jacket. Tell us what a 7th button means?

    How do you even know there isn't another button up by his collar that can't be seen because it's folded over? Might even be 8 buttons. What would that mean?

    GTFOH with this garbage, you fuckin' troll. I thought you weren't coming back after you were shown up before. Now you get proven wrong AGAIN with your fake ass theories.

  7. Two anonymous, are srtaight tripping. They need to stop being jugemental. I'm a christian myself it doesn't make you me or nobody better than the next person. People have the right to be in whatever religion they want. God judges all of us everyday the one that said Lupe the devil you sinned just saying that you no nothing about this man for saying that for all we know you could be the devil, but it's not for me to judge.

  8. (walks in the room & hears what threvealer said) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA




    HAHAHAHAHAHA ( leaves the room STILL laughing)

  9. "look how many buttons he got on his jacket"
    oh & I guess bcuz some of his dreads on the right are longer then than some of the dreads on the top of his head that also gives us a sign which means he worships the devil?!?!! SMDH


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