Sway talks linking up with Lupe Fiasco

It's UK week on AllHipHop.com and Sway is one of the featured artists. During his interview he also spoke about Lupe fiasco and their collabo "Break The Chain" off Lasers.

AllHipHop.com: How did the ‘Lasers’/’Break the Chain’ (Lupe Fiasco) link up come about?

Sway: I’ll take you back that story goes quite deep – I was in South By Southwest about 4 or 5 years ago. I never knew too much about Lupe, I had heard about him and I had heard a few tracks here and there, I had heard he was a great rapper. Someone said to me ‘Lupe Fiasco is in town and he is a big fan of your music’. I thought “that’s really cool, because this is the same time ‘Touch The Sky’ came out and this is the guy on the Kanye West record and he is interested in me!

We went up to the Hilton hotel in Texas and I met up with Lupe and we clicked straight away, he is my kinda guy. He was excited about his music; he knew about my music, he played me the album (Food & Liquor) before anyone had heard it. He said “Jay Z is gonna get behind this”. He had just shot the video for ‘Kick-Push’, there was just great synergy between us, we chilled, we had a laugh.

You know, we have both had a lot of good moments and bad moments within the industry and we relate on a lot of different levels.

My Mum’s Christian and my Dad’s Muslim – he’s a Muslim as well; we speak about that, different aspects of life. We’re very similar and we click.

When it came to ‘Lasers’ – he hit me up Twitter, even though he’s got my number, saying; “Sway, I wanna get you on a verse for the album” (‘Lasers’). I was like “cool lets do it!” no questions asked. Whatever the tune was going to be about I was going to do it, because it’s Lupe and he’s my people and I respect him and I respect his judgement musically. He gave me the record and it was produced by Ishi and features Eric Turner.

(ED: this is the same production/vocal combination as the Billboard 100 top 20 hit and UK number 1 smash for Tinie Tempah, ‘Written In The Stars).

I was like; “It’s got me written all over it” and he said the same thing. “You are the only person I could think of to be on this record”. I didn’t even know that I was the only (other) rapper on the album – it was only until he made the press release that I was like “woah!”.

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  1. Sway is such a chill dude.

  2. Def got mad respect for sway

  3. Sway didn't know about Lupe when he was coming up even though he was a correspondent on MTV News? WOW. Seriously, screw MTV, just lost a whole lot of respect for him. I vaguely remember a "MY BLOCK: CHICAGO" segment they did together too. How arrogant.

  4. ^LOL
    Wrong Sway man! Wow, just lost a lot of respect for you, hahaha.

  5. This is not the Sway that works for MTV jeez.

    This is the UK RAPPER Sway.

  6. ^HAaaaaaa Lame.

    awesome read, I love learning about how albums and collabs come together, Wikipedia is an awesome resource for these type of things

  7. This dumbass think we talkin bout the MTV Sway lol

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