1. And he didnt even want to have that as a single

  2. I don't mind Lasers.. It wasn't all that good. But I don't mind it :/

    I feel like it was designed in order to garner a wider audience for Lupe. You know, the brand: Lupe Fiasco.

    No they're hooked. Wait until FAL 2 is released. Its gonna blow everyone away.

    That said, Laser was still better than ANYTHING lil wayne or any of those posers could ever produce :)

    FNF |^|

  3. If Lupe was so pro-anarchy and is see at being a rebel, why didn't he rebel against Atlantic?

  4. Get it Lu!!! Finally! :-* (muah)


  5. ''If Lupe was so pro-anarchy and is see at being a rebel, why didn't he rebel against Atlantic?''

    ^^ How stupid can you get?

  6. The song really deserves it for its powerful lyrics, Congrats Lu!

  7. When I heard Lasers, I was worried they finally made him "dumb it down". But, I realized even though the songs are simpler and more poppy (thanks to him being forced into compromise), they're still intelligent. They're still Lupe. It wasn't the finished product he truly wanted, but this album was definitely at heart an anthem album with some inspiring meanings. Honestly, this album is probably gonna make Lupe's words stick in more minds than his other albums because the track meanings are more to-the-point.

    In the end, I believe there's nothing wrong with it. Lupe still has the mind we all grew to love (just look at the "Friend of the People" mixtape). Now he's gained a hell of an audience, and is still inspiring revolutionary thought.

    Props to Lupe for this achievement. Can't wait for F&L2!


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