Lupe Fiasco talks about “The Burden of the Outspoken Artist”

Another part of the Lupe Fiasco x AllHipHop interview series arrives today. Check what Lupe had to say about being an outspoken artist below! What burden do you bear? Being this outspoken, honestly, there’s only a few artists that are this outspoken and really none on a “commercial level,” meaning out of the underground. Do you bear any particular burden? As a person or as a human, or even as an artist?

Lupe: I just think it’s a continuation of what I was meant to do as a child. I’ve always been somebody who’s been around people who’ve been outspoken, whether it was my father who was very active on all fronts that had to deal with justice and freedom, the things of organizing and doing and on your own and speaking out against the evils in this world. And whether it kills you. So that’s my lineage. That’s where I come from.

So whether I was a rapper or a teacher or a chef or whatever I was, I was always going to be speaking out against what I thought was wrong and what I could prove was wrong, and using what I have to help someone else. I just look at it as Occupy Wall Street, when it first started, they wanted people to come in and help galvanize and spread the message. I looked at my Twitter page and said hey, I’ve got 800,000 people. Maybe they can use 800,000 people. I’m not using that to bring myself up or become a leader of the movement. I just happened to have 800,000 people, and here, you retweet and do whatever you need to do. Let me know what the message is and I’ll help that.

Then it expands out into what do you guys need? I’ve got a few thousand dollars sitting around I was going to buy some shoes with, but yo, I’ll buy a generator for you guys. You need that? What else do you need? I’m not trying to push my ideology or become the hero or become the face of it.

It’s to the point where I wasn’t doing interviews, because I wanted the organizers to tell me what to say. I don’t want to disrupt the message. But then when it became understood this was open, it wasn’t a leader thing, it wasn’t a one agenda thing, this was something that’s open and the dialogue’s for everybody to have. Then it’s okay, cool. This is what I think, this is what it is, and it may be against what other people think but that’s the point. We’re having a conversation. So you know, I feel it’s everybody’s duty to better themselves and to help out their fellow human beings in whatever possible way they can.

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  1. ^ You're a freakin D-bag

    People can do other things than what people know them for.
    You ever heard of his poetry type stuff. Its dope, you should stop hatin..

  2. Honestly getting sick of all the haters..

    If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all :)

  3. "shut up and rap" has to be the most idiotic sentence ever.

  4. ayo reak talk yall gon hav 2 letcha boy here shed sum more lite on dis whole beef niggas got wit mah nigga lu nahmean? now real talk yall salty ass dus jus gota squash dat shih nahmean? n real talk suma deez othr fans gota get off mah nigga lus nuts 2 nahmean? shit aint like dat b feelme? now real talk yall want the truth? yeh mah nigga lus career changed? real talk mah nigga lu himself may hav changed 2 nahmean? but real talk das all dat shit is nahmean? change. it aint good shit n it aint bad shit feelme? shis jus change n u either accept dat shit or leave nahmean? niggas aint gon take steps back jus cuh deez salty ass spiteful niggas wanna cry like sum ol leech ass bitches who man aint pay dem nahmean? but real talk if niggas aint gon like it all yall jockin mah nigga lus pole bes fall back nahmean? real talk das da truth


  5. "shut up and rap" bitch you can shut up and get the fuck outta here, I applaud Lupe for using his fame as a way to reach people and EDUCATE people on things that matter, that's what fame is for, yeah he raps, but he is using his platform to get people aware of things that are happening that need support. So you can shut and put some ketchup on my burger

  6. I swear I go on this blog just to read the comments! Yall funny! Lol

  7. Some of these posts are meeeeeeeeeeean.... and vicious

  8. He gotta go out and use his fame before it's all up.
    Food and Liquor 2 is really gonna be like the turning point for his new and old people.
    It either gonna flop or touch the sky.
    Help support Lu with the voting if you want.

  9. Shut up and RAP!!!!!!!!What? That makes no sense at all.

  10. LMAO @ ''shut up and rap''

    Definitely one of the most idiotic comment I've ever read :D


  11. I’ve got a few thousand dollars sitting around I was going to buy some shoes with, but yo, I’ll buy a generator for you guys.

    nobody takes issue w this?


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