1. people need to read some of these lyrics, yeah it aint the multiple entendre shit he used to be on but its better most in my opinion and this is coming from a guy who listens from mainstream to underground...lil wayne (dont judge)to immortal teci think its the instrumentals thats letting lupe down but thats one guy's opinion...

  2. This tape has attitude. If this is any indication, FLII is gonna be better than any of us could have hoped.

  3. RapGenius often gets lyrics wrong. That kind of shit just pisses me off...

    Also, the meaning are WAAAY out in left field sometimes. Lupe likes to put Islamic aspects (Da'wah) in his lyrics. Its beautiful. I think the down side of it is that it goes over lots of peoples heads :P

  4. Rap Genius Sucks....
    Super Cold lyrics (as I hear it) >>>>>

    Cold blooded, chilly skin
    Can't touch it like ya front wheel when it's wheeli'in
    Wana see Chill free... like Free Willy Friend
    Wanted to see, Free Willy really swim!

    I'm Super Cold,
    My jacket thin!
    I'm two below, (tuba low)
    Like a marching band
    It means I'm super deep,
    I'm surface skim
    I'm the whole thang,
    You niggaz 2%

    Put'em up on that carton,
    I think I'm losin'em
    Bring all those Saint Bernards in,
    let's get some booze in them
    You know them dogs wit them barrels on they neck?
    And I'ma keep it cool like air holes on a tech

    And I be movin' birds like a scarecrow's on the set
    Part dope-ass nigga, and old man winter
    Christmas time diamonds singin carols on my chest
    Step up off the jet looking like a Pharaoh in the flesh

    I'm Super Cold

    I'm Super Cold
    My freezer deep
    My cooler closed
    Air-conditioned seats
    I 'ont trust them niggaz
    They conviction weak
    They be thawin' out
    My commitment keeps

    Twelve months
    Hope that well jumps
    Seems like sellin' souls
    Is havin' sales bumps
    I be in the wind
    While yo sales slump
    Yo chance is gettin' slim
    Mine on they twelfth brunch

    And they smell lunch
    Hercules clump
    Throw my weight around
    Ain't left the scale once
    Always bear in mind
    Even with your white fur
    We still polar opposites
    You ice picks to Icebergs

    We colder than universal soldier
    Angel on my back
    Everywhere I'm at
    Niggaz don't believe that just when I lay it
    But when I get back up they see my angel on the ground...

    I'm Super Cold x8

    Chicken soup for souls
    Now who could use a bowl?
    Don't be salty now
    Tryna reduce the snow
    Cuz I just movin' mo'
    Fresh outta mutant skull (school)
    I aint no student though!

    Black Shaun White
    And he skis
    And he skates
    And he leaves
    All types of cold tracks all behind me
    And you could follow those if you ever wanna find me

    Better dress warm or you might end up like The Shining!
    Not that boy, or that lady, but that nigga gon' crazy
    Pretty damn amazing!.. That I can't get out
    So I'm forced to ride this elevator anywhere it takes me
    But when I hit my flow, I'ma open up that do' (door)
    It won't be 3 stacks or ya cousin, but just that Super Cold.....

  5. Rap Genius Is Good The Fuck Do You Mean

  6. like I said yesterday, this shit sucked -_- and Lasers is better. Lu please get rid of those damn techno, dubstep beats or find so good dubstep. Go back to using UNKLE beats, IDC just get rid of them wack ones. That is all. and the lyrics were not all that either. But I'll be waiting for F&L2. Hopefully the real old Lupe returns. :)

  7. ^ ur a bitch for saying that. one, only TWO of those beats are dubstep. AND ur saying skrillex, kaskade, justice and all that sucks?

    You're a fucking flop

  8. wow that old lu shit is boring, go back tp listening to f&l, his old ,usic for the "old lu". He is now much more complex, and mature. You cannot possibly except an artist make the same painting over and over and over again in the same manner, that' called a factory. AANNDDDD it's boring.

  9. I really like this mixtape, a lot of good messages on it...not a big fan of dubstep or techno but I can look past it

  10. The mixtape was good. Bitches gonna bitch though..

    And rapgenius IS often wrong.

  11. I was really hoping this tape was gonna be the return of the old Lupe. But i think he will never come back, Lupe has changed and that is a fact.

  12. I'd be pissed if he was putting out shit that sounded like what I was listening to 2001. Keep it up Lu! FOTPFOTPFOTPFOTPFOTPFOTPFOTPFOTP

  13. Also, there is no rule that said you have to like every album a dude puts out. It's perfectly ok to like all the mixtapes before FOTP, F&L, and The Cool, decide Lasers and FOTP isn't for you, and then go listen to the artists who bite Lupe's old shit.

  14. Lupe hasn't changed y'all just haven't evolved..

  15. Lupe's first two albums weren't boring lol. You just didn't understand it. You like what sounds good to your ears and not what is ACTUALLY good music. Lu 'dumbed it down' because he had to. This is who he is now. Get with it or move on.

  16. ^no one said THEY were boring, I said that an arist that doesn't show any progression is boring. As far as getting them ur right they are so imbued with meaning I probably didn't understand most of it, but then again those ppl that say that he has "dumbed it down" probably don't understand most of his new lyrics, or are riding the bandwagon because they can't possibly accept change. If one of u dissenters EXPLAINS why he dumbed it down after FOTP, we could have a meaningful discussion

  17. The tape is whatever, but we can all still keep hating Lasers.

  18. Nigga...fuck you FOTP is wayyyy better than Lasers. oh and Rap Genius is wrong some of the time. Especially when they rush like they did with FOTP. I seen a lot of wrong lyrics for FOTP on there....some wrong lyrics on older stuff too but those were minor. Overall Rap Genius are good though.

  19. Thats to the guy that said fotp sucks and that lasers is better and to the guy that thinks rap genius is perfect.

  20. I liked fotp. Had good beats and great lyrics. It seems like the people who dislike this mixtape are disappointed it didn't have a more traditional hip hop sound.

  21. Dear Lupe Fiasco team,

    I am writing this e-mail from Oslo, Norway, Europe. I am a columnist and writer in Norway, writing for the largest newspaper of Norway - Aftenposten.

    I want to interview Lupe Fiasco, who should I telephone or e-mail. I have tried e-mailing on this blog, but I do not receive any answers.

    I appreciate your help.

    Kindest regards,

  22. @^^^^^
    This is not Lupe's website its if fan made one.

  23. Rap genius? Mo like rap retards.

  24. @ Oslo Norway

    Sorry, but this is just a fan site. Not really sure how to get through to him directly...

    The only person here who perhaps know Lupe is Luella Mink. I don't really know who she is, but I've seen photos of her with him :P She's rather attractive..

    Anyway, try to get in touch with her.

    Cheers :D

  25. L.Davis, said there's no one like Lupe lyrics no one love the mixtape keep doing your thing.

  26. @M.U.R

    I actually forwarded your e-mail to Lupe back when you sent it to me. That's really all I can do.

  27. Lupe hasn't changed, just his beats, I mean "I Don't Really Care Right Now" even has a double entrende in it, he hasn't really dumbed it down like you people say he has, it's just he really hasn't put anything out super duper complex in a while, I mean he hasn't even put out anything as lyrically deep since Failure, I rather hear Lasers than ANOTHER F&L album, because if Lupe keeps coming out with albums like F&L then it would just show how limited Lupe is and it would take away the classic feel of the 1st F&L, I mean Illmatic and It Was Written sounded different from each other, that's why they're classics in their own right and why people debate which one is better of the two, F&L and The Cool sounded different from each other as well and people still debate which one is better, you dumbasses who say Lupe sold out are fuckin ignorant as hell, he hasn't changed (lyrically), you ust expect too much from him.

  28. This mixtape is no where near as bad as people say. Double Burger with cheese, wwjd, lightwork, slr, and end of the world are all great songs. Wwjd sort of reminds me of "the instrumental" from fnl. Lupe shouldn't dubstep or electronic beats alot, imo soundtrakk is the best person for Lupe's style i've yet to listen to a bad track with both of them on it

  29. @ SeanTheRobot

    Could you please try e-mailing my mail to him once more please? I would greatly appreciate that, I think Lupe needs to be more well-known in northern Europe, his lyrics deserve that.

    @ Anonymous,

    thank you for helping!

  30. What yo people fail to realize is the reason he has to to dumb down his usic sch as the laser album is because of his record label.They dont want him to make concsious music....thats why he made this mixtape like a way to get back at them for interering with his music. And you guys should hear the "bitch bad" parody by himits very clever


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