The Fiasco Street Team Presents A Hip-Hop Panel Discussion w/ Lupe Fiasco

The Fiasco Street Team presents a Hip-Hop Discussion Panel & Horn of Africa Fundraiser!

Topics will include: Hip Hop as a means for social change, Hip Hop’s effect on local communities, the effect of Corporate America, Mainstream Radio, Hip Hop's issues, solutions, and other controversial and stimulating topics.

This event will bring together Artists, Bloggers, Political Activists, Professors, and Fans to hold a discussion on the current state of Hip Hop. The event will feature major players in the Hip Hop world and explore the lines between Artist, Blogger, and Fan dialogue.

Confirmed panelists include: Lupe Fiasco, Dosage, Toni Blackman, Nitty Scott MC, Jay Rodriguez, the creator of, XXL, MTV, Byron Hurt, and more.

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  1. Will we be allowed to ask for autographs? =D

  2. Will it be recorded on video and posted online afterwards?


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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