Video: Talib Kweli debuts "Distractions" @ Occupy Wall Street

The FiascoStreetTeam comes through with some more Occupy Wall Street footage; this time of Talib Kweli in NYC.

Tabil Kweli attends Occupy Wall Street on Oct 6, 2011. Kweli performs exclusive new rhymes from a song titled "Distractions" and by request "Thieves In the Night." He also speaks heart-felt words in support of Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. damn my nigga Talib KWelli coming thru!!!!!! oh hell yea im definetly coppin that new blackstar joint. shit is fire!!!!!!!!

  2. thieves in the night. Hidin like thieves in the night from life, Illusions of oasis makin you look twice ahhhh memory lane. cant wait for another blackstar album. love mos def & talib kwelli!

  3. Lot more respect already added to the respect I already had for Talib Kweli. I'll be seeing those songs soon.


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