Video: Lupe Fiasco shows support for Occupy Oakland

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Knowing that hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco was set to perform at the Fox Theater on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland on the second day of Occupy Oakland, numerous tweets went out days in advance asking for his support.

Lupe Fiasco came through, perhaps more than expected, with donated food, supplies, tables, tents, and a generator. He even made a personal appearance during the evening's General Assembly to express solidarity with Oakland and the broader Occupy Wall Street movement, as seen in the video above.

- IndyBay

A 2nd video of Lupe addressing the crowd at his show last night can be found HERE


  1. LOL @ the random dude "who is this guy?"

  2. Keep the support going Lupe Peace

  3. who is this guy?!!!!! you got to be kidding me? i live halfway across the ocean, and i know who lupe is!

  4. that dude never heard of lupe..that's sad. he would probably go lupe and he will be a new stan in no time.

  5. lol well to be fair to the dude who didnt know Lupe.. its not like Lu has been a "mainstream/commercial" celebrity for very long. So if one is not predisposed to listen to Hip Hop in the first place.. I wouldn't really expect them to know who Lupe. People should know who Lu is cause hes awesome.. but lets not act like a bunch of elitists and scrutinize people don't. At least the man was interested in learning. jussayin'


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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