1. "for all that overpriced shit" "but we still respect him" lmao

  2. So glad you balanced your comments as you always do. I have much admiration and respect for Steve Jobs. However he did make a choice to manufacture in China as opposed to the US because he could under pay them. One of the reasons Apple has more cash assets than the US Treasury. He did say Teachers Unions were unnecesaary, without them they wouldn't even have the paycheck to paycheck existence most have, and still have to buy supplies for their students. Yes he was a great visionary, but the working man in the US was a variable in terms of how many units we purchase, just like the rest of Corp. America. So hopefully the media won't deify him


  3. "just like the rest of corporate america?"

    his salary: $1

  4. @ einstein

    Salary means nothing. You don't expect to be worth $9 billion with a $1 salary.

    He was a visionary for sure, but he was greedy and disbanded Apple from any philanthropic ties.

  5. @ the 2nd anonymous...you know what's stupid... you assume because it's made in china it's "underpaid labor". First of all, more than 2/3 of labor in China, including alot of Nike (now) is a regulated wage. Secondly, their standard of living, minimum wage and dollar (comparable unit) are vastly different from ours. What kind of logical business decision would it be to pay more to make it here? I mean honestly..I'm not even a big fan of total capitalism. I'm a socialist at heart, but wtf are you thinking? If Jobs (as if he alone made all decisions at Apple) "chose to make them in America) YOU couldn't afford it.

    And please don't forget...the manufacturer of the fucking parts is in China. It's a third part company...so you want some giant carbon footprint having the parts shipped here then assembled? Or are you absurdly suggesting Apple spends billions on billions of dollars developing their own supply chain?

    Think before you soapbox bro.

    Honestly I'm tired of hearing people cry about capitalism. You wouldn't have a tenth of the shit you have without it. Also

  6. wtf is "disbanded apple" from philanthropic ties? What does that even mean???? I love the internet. Everyone likes to just say shit..

  7. For those who don't know about Foxconn factory lupe is talking about. Here is a little article for you. I am not saying boycott apple but eh you can't be a hypocrite unless you KNOW.



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