1. yes!!!! i could see lupe's chest and ellen at the same programme. this made my day!

  2. Its crazy how Ellen's audience was more hyped than the BET audience at the hip hop awards.

    Nonetheless dope performance once again. Cheah!

  3. Lupe with his shirt open :) I could hardly pay attention to anything else.

  4. http://www.twitvid.com/RW5ES
    @ Sara. Here's lupe with no shirt on. Lol :p.
    BET crowd apparently doesn't regret the words they never said. >:\
    To be honest though, I didn't feel the performance on BET from Lu that much. Concerts performances were better. :p

  5. ^ oooohhh. heheheheh love the vid! thanks a lot!

    i usually like daydreamin' in his live concerts but now i really love 'i dun wannna care right now' if you know what i meaaaannnnn....XD !!!!!


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