Review & Pics: Lupe Fiasco performs in Denver

After some video footage we had earlier, Metromix Denver comes through with some pics and a review of Lupe's show in Denver yesterday. Read below:

From the minute he took the stage, Lupe Fiasco embraced the rock 'n' roll side of his music. He sang hit after hit from his new album “Lasers” and got the crowd to bounce in unison to hits like “Kick, Push.” Fiasco sprayed the crowd with water danced and thrashed from one end of the stage to the other, never stopping the energy.

Sporting an "Occupy Wall Street" shirt he took several opportunities to speak about the movement. Never letting go of his activist side, Fiasco is a true superstar.

Check more pics and the full review HERE


  1. Can anyone verify whether or not his next video is going to be for 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now'? The reason I ask, is I noticed he has been performing this song twice during his sets, and for the show here in Denver, he said that we were going to be a part of a music video right before they performed the song a second time.

    If that's the case I imagine it'll be like a compilation of all the cities on the tour.

  2. ^^ yeah..I think that's how it will be cause I heard that from several people now who attended the shows...

  3. Right on. I kinda like music videos like that.


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