1. What else did her perform?

  2. WTF? The hip-hop awards isn't live?

    So, did Lupe win his nominations or what?

    This makes no sense to me.

  3. Who was the guest Sean is it the person dressed in black to the left ?>

  4. O I see now its a female either Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu I guess

  5. Lol hes got someone in a burka performing on BET. haha that shit crazy.

  6. Thats definetly Erykah Badu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. did he win anything???!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh yeah, props to Lu for preforming Words I Never Said instead of The 'Atlantic Records' Goes On and Can't Get "Atlantic Records' Outta My Head. =P

  9. So amazed at how dedicated he is to the #OccupyWallStreet movement. Check his shirt.


  10. more importantly - what is that video playing in the background?!

  11. luella-

    ever stop to think by occupying that you're screwing up getting to work for honest people trying to make ends meet.

    Get the fuck off the brooklyn bridge you idiots.

  12. ^stfu

    It's people like you that prevent any progress. Do you like the state the U.S. is currently in? You want America to remain the way it is right now?

    Let them occupy it's not like they're doing it to be an ass. It's for a good cause. Find an alternative route or join in the fuckin protest. Corporate greed and government corruption needs to cease.

    I honestly think the only way these greedy nut jobs will give in is only when people start getting violent. I'm for non violence and MLKing the situation, but I don't see money greedy and power hungry bastards giving in to non violent protests.

  13. "more importantly - what is that video playing in the background?!"

    ^^^Obviously it's the lyrics to Words I Never Said or at least some of the words to it.

  14. if you want to change the way America is go volunteer. do something. there are plenty of kids in need in america. take action, instead of sitting around doing nothing causing a traffic jam.

    get violent = get arrested. how does that change anything?

    you can't change capitalism buddy. your idealism is what needs to cease. and oh by the way, when this movement ends, and it will, it will not be remembered and it will not have accomplished anything.

  15. how come if somebody poses an alternate point of view, the only reaction on this blog is STFU.

    nobody wants to have a discussion.

  16. luella, do you have a job? oh thats right, you play dress up in old clothes and sit around all day causing a traffic jam.

  17. i agree corporate greed needs to stop. solution - let's put a republican back in office!!!!!!!!!!!!


    stick w/ the plan. give obama 8. hippies shuttup

  18. oh the irony of hipsters protesting the wealthy while sitting outside on their macbook pros from apple which is trading over $380 a share. its like protesting animal cruelty all day and going home and having a nice veal parm for dinner.

    what a joke.

  19. Just vote for Ron Paul people..gosh.

  20. "It's hard to beat the system
    When we're standing at a distance
    So we keep waiting
    Waiting on the world to change

    Now we see everything that's going wrong
    With the world and those who lead it
    We just feel like we don't have the means
    To rise above and beat it

    So we keep waiting
    Waiting on the world to change
    We keep on waiting
    Waiting on the world to change"

    -John mayer

    Are you waiting for the world to change or are you gonna stop waiting and do something about it? OCCUPY WALL ST


  21. @ Anonymous who said, "you can't change capitalism buddy. Your idealism is what needs to cease..." Lupe never said that he's changing capitalism. He said in one of the interviews at the protest that there will always be capitalism, that someone will earn more money than someone else. So, shut your mouth, go sit in the corner and read a book... Instead of finding ways to hate on Lupe when you haven't even done your research. You're a dope and it's funny that you don't realise it. K, bye :D.

  22. wow i put a link to rap up for more picture of their performance and it suddenly disappear!

  23. """if you want to change the way America is go volunteer. do something. there are plenty of kids in need in america. take action, instead of sitting around doing nothing causing a traffic jam.

    get violent = get arrested. how does that change anything?

    you can't change capitalism buddy. your idealism is what needs to cease. and oh by the way, when this movement ends, and it will, it will not be remembered and it will not have accomplished anything.""""

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot.

    Tell me something, will volunteering at shelters:


    Will it it stop GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION!?

    Will it stop the DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN parties from doing doing things in their INTEREST instead of the INTEREST of THE COUNTRY!?

    Yeah, do you see how stupid you sound now?

    Causing a traffic jam is the only way to get stupid idiots like you take notice, but obviously it's not working juding from your stupid comments. Which is why is why I say NIGGAS NEED TO START GETTING VIOLENT.

    ""get violent = get arrested. how does that change anything?""

    Do you NOT have an education? This nation was built from the colonists revolting against the British. Have you ever heard of the American REVOLUTIONARY WAR? What happens in a WAR? Violence. That is how this nation became free. Acting like Mahatma Gandhi/Martin Luther King wouldn't have gotten as freedom.

    Now do you fucking see how getting violent can change something?

    Unless we get a million people to freaking occupy wall street I don't see these greedy fucks blinking an eye.

    And I know that you can't stop capitalism you nut job. I have you ever heard of something called GREED!? The rich keep getting richer and poor keep getting poorer. This needs to stop you dickhead.

    Our government also needs to change slightly. I like the system we currently have, but like all things it's not perfect. Seriously we have we have one political party in congress preventing shit from getting done because they want to make shit look unstable so that they have an advantage in the next presidential election.

    All these problems and we stupid dicks telling us to volunteer at shelters to better the country rofl.

  24. the occupyers AREN'T changing anything. except getting the NYC govt to pay coppers overtime to babysit your smelly hippy asses.

  25. ^yet... you fucking republican...

    Things don't change over night idiot.

  26. This will not change a thing. Barack Obama will likely be the first candidate to raise a BILLION dollars. That will BUY him the next election. Yet you want a Democrat in office and are bitching about greed.

    The Revolutionary War is not equal to sitting in Wall Street starting a traffic jam. I'm sorry, but that comparison is laughable.

    In fact, I would go as far to say that comparing MLK to this situation is an INSULT to those who were lynched in the south during the Jim Crow era. I'm sorry, but please connect the dots for me. I don't see it.

    Next, Please.

  27. somebody tell me what the plan is, please? i'm confused. sit in wall street and change corporate greed? that's specific. as specific as george bush's plan going into iraq.

    do you guys have day jobs? what is the plan of action. instantly people stop being greedy? have you ever studied the rise and fall of ancient civilizations? what caused them to fall? greed, disloyalty.

    this is not an american problem. this is a mankind problem.

    i am impressed by your dedication. it'll be gone in a month.

    next, please

  28. ^ not instantly.

    Look at the Women's movement. The Civil rights movement. Those took time. It didn't happen instantly.

    You fail to see that this is the beginning. Remember, a couple of years in HISTORY is a short time frame. I expect more serious protests in the future.

    "have you ever studied the rise and fall of ancient civilizations? what caused them to fall? greed, disloyalty."

    GREED... history will repeat itself yet again... 200 some odd years with barely any changes to the constitution and government, but that's about to change...

  29. I'm sorry I don't feel a movement coming. I'm all for ending corporate greed but it comes from capitalism and that's not changing.

    What is the objective? To get rich people to give back their money by making a scene. You really think they'll do that?

    You guys will follow Lupe off a cliff. It's kind of frightening actually. You are the same people on here who agreed with Lupe when he said Obama is the biggest terrorist in the world and that our service men and women are murderers. Not just frightening, but also sad.

    Go, get locked up, convince yourself you are the next MLK and write A Letter From A Birmingham Jail and have fun getting a job that doesn't involve making a Slurpee at 7/11. Have fun checking "YES" on that page that asks you, "Have you ever been arrested?" Automatically disqualifies you from any job and in this economy people are having trouble getting jobs in the first place. You people don't think before you act. Like Luella w/ her tat. Sure it's a nice idea right now as a short term goal, but is it worth the long term costs? Some of you believe this movement will amount to something, and to you I ask what that actually is. "End corporate greed." Umm okay, that doesn't lead to lives lost. Let's end "gang violence" or "human trafficking instead" if we're going to be idealistic. At least those are important. Most of you hate America so much, I feel you're two inches to the left of Timothy McVeigh. Frightening that he bombed the federal building and thought of the innocent toddlers on the top floor as "enemies." I feel some of you hate America so much. Give it some credit or move the fuck out. Sure, America has morphed into many things. But some of you are supporting Lupe when he says we should try Anarchy. Jesus Christ. What do you want, how it is in Mexico? 50 Bodies being dumped by a roadside and no GOVERNMENT to stop it?

    There's a video of Lupe talking about how RACISM was a GOOD thing because through slavery it established America!!!

    and now you guys get all mad about "corporate greed?"

    get real you are really some idiots who have no education and prove how unintelligent you really are.


  30. the guy against occupying wallstreet is ignorant. especially saying that causing traffic jams does nott compare to the American revolution... Does destroying Tea compare to traffic jams at least?

  31. firmly believing the President is a terrorist. Thinking our service men, many of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, are nothing more than murderers.

    you sound more like a Sirhan Sirhan than an educated and rational human.

    Scary isn't it...

  32. i think its funny you yuppies think youre changin the world. pretendin u hate corporate america and greed when u log onto facebook from your apple laptop drinkin a starbucks! hysterical! oh the irony!

  33. Too sum up what the idiot Einstein said:

    "America is perfect the way it is. Stop wasting you time protesting while you can be looking for a job."

    In all honesty man, is America as a whole getting better or worse? I think it's getting worse and it's only a matter of when serious shit starts happening. There was white men folks like you who said "these niggers protesting are wasting their time" and those same men said "them ladies protesting are wasting their time."

    Whatever. Let all do nothing and let people we vote into office fix our country. It's not like our government is corrupt or anything.

    By the way, I strongly disagree with Lu's comment on Obama being a terrorist. Anyone who agreed with that statement would surely jump off a bridge with Lu.

  34. Ever heard of..

    "Be the change you wish to see" ....?

  35. @ luella if you think the worst problem we have in america is "wall street" then there's something wrong w/ you.

    @ moron "anonymous" i don't think america is perfect! there's a lot of flaws with the usa. all i'm saying is we should focus our attention elsewhere. there are a lot more pressing issues in america than "greed." think of the gap between white and black schools and the failure of the education system. think of the 2 failing wars getting lots of innocent young people killed. think of the necessity to rebuild detroit and new orleans. get an education, and get devoted and involved in a cause that is worthy. not sitting like a hippie doing nothing.

    i am willing to bet most of you (luella) are typing on your mac computers. do you realize apple trades at $400 a share? do you not see the hypocrisy that lies therein?

  36. also i think america is getting better not worse. what do you, want george bush back?

  37. lil wayne fan --> fiasco stanWednesday, October 5, 2011 at 12:40:00 PM EDT

    dat flag...

    free palestine

  38. Einstein what you protesting? Oh yeah that's right nothing... Talk about hypocrisy.

    "There are worse things to protest about than greed blah blah blah"

    Yet all you're doing is arguing with people that are actually protesting against something while you go on with your normal daily routine. Why aren't you protesting about the things you declare worse instead of telling other people to do it?

    ...Yeah go back to your corner...

  39. Nah man I'm making a difference unlike you, you waste. don't talk before you know, you are a pawn.

  40. Correct me if I'm wrong..

    But where did I ever say that Wall Street was the biggest problem in the world?


    I think something is wrong with YOU.

    I simply said, Be the change you wish to see.

    You can point out problems all day long, but if you're not out there fighting for what you believe in then it's meaningless.


  41. Whoever is on stage with Lu better know that she's wearing a dress that actually means something so some people, and using it for a purpose other than what it's meant for is kind of offensive to some. But, let's see what happens.

  42. I think some people on this forum like to be wrong.

  43. Love how pics from BET can turn into a debate over protesting.


  44. I F****** LOVE THE PALESTINE FLAG HE ROCKED WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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