New Music: Pyyramids - That Ain't Right

It's been a while since we heard something from Drea, if you don't remember she was in He Say She Say who were signed to FNF for a short period of time. In the end Mano and Drea disbanded and went their own seperate ways.

Drea is back now with a new group project called Pyyramids. Pyyramids consists of Drea and OK Go's Timothy Northwind and they just released the first track off their upcoming "Human Beings" EP which drops Oct. 31st. - Check it out above!

And if you want to, pre-order the EP HERE


  1. Super uninteresting stuff...
    he say she say sounded promising... this is just bad...

    and obviously just my opinion.. before someone starts to flame me

  2. IN b4 the haters Oh wait . . .

  3. @Hlynkinn lol. This is horrible

  4. aww poor lil kids , you've clearly never heard good indie rock music before ... you probably love fall out boy and linkin park and think it's different.


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