1. ey real talk mah nigga lus clothes jus getin tightr n tightr nahmean? i mean real talk he lookin fresh but real talk he got a nigga dum worried nahmean? i mean real talk it dont help dat he jumpin on stage lookin like lauryn hill wit dem dreds nahmean? real talk idk

  2. Real talk, STFU 'cheeaahh.'
    Real talk, go back to school.
    Real talk, what the hell is wrong with you?
    Real talk, do you really read what you write and actually think it makes sense and/or is English?
    Real talk, that shit isn't 'real talk!'
    God damn it!


  3. @cheeaahh
    You said the same damn thing last week. Who cares how tight his pants are? It doesn't bother me any, Lupe's wearing them, not me, nor you (I assume).
    Real talk. :)

  4. Lmaoo @ the 1st 2 comment nah mean real talk hahaha


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