A LupEND Blog interview w/ Tara King

Fresh off the Generation Laser tour, where she joined Lupe to do background vocals, Tara King took some time to talk to me about the things she experienced on tour and what we can expect from her in the near future. Peep our conversation after the jump!

SeanTheRobot: Hey Tara! Tell our readers who you are, where you're from and what you do.

Tara King: My name is Tara King and I'm from Southern California and I'm a singer/songwriter.

Sean: You just finished touring with Lupe Fiasco a few weeks ago. How did this actually happen? Did they reach out to you, to join them on the Generation Laser tour?

Tara: Yeah I had actually met Bam Alexander (drummer & MD) a few months earlier. He knew I was a singer and live performer and asked me to come aboard.

Sean: That's really cool. How did you react/feel when you were asked?

Tara: Honestly I was in shock. I didn't feel like it was really real until I was on the plane to Chicago to start the tour. We've had 3 rehearsals in LA. Even then I didn't tell anyone or feel like it was happening. I was like "Is this my life??!?!"

Sean: Was this the first time you joined someone on tour to do background vocals?

Tara: On a tour yes. On background no. I also sang background for an artist signed to Interscope named Timothy Bloom.

Sean: Ok. So what do you think about the tour life and how was it to be on the road with Lupe and his crew?

Tara: Tour life is incredible. Falling asleep on the tour bus in one city and waking up in another is crazy. The fans are amazing and show so much love. Lupe was very focused and professional and so was the crew. We had a lot of fun. I think the band and crew had way more fun off the record on our tour bus then we did though. [laughs]

Sean: Ha! I heard they are really goofy.

Tara: So hilarious, all the guys are crazy. Me and the girls were outnumbered for sure but we all had fun and I can say that they all really looked out for me.

Sean: That's what's up... I'm sure there are a lot of memories and great things that happened but was there a special moment on tour that kinda stood out for you? I know Lupe dedicated a song to your grandma when she was in the crowd...

Tara: Hmmm...there really are so many. Lupe takes a moment out of every show to really say something with some meaning or to talk about the issues. That in itself was inspiring and was very humbling to be a part of and witness.

The moment with my Grandmother takes the cake though. I saw her nestled in the crowd when I came out to perform with Sarah Green and I was like "OMG that's my Grandma!" I went down to ask the people not to crush her. When Lupe spotted her he really made her day. The way her face lit up was priceless. My family is really supportive so for us that was a special moment.

Sean: That must have been amazing! ...Concluding about the tour, on a professional level, what did you learn and take home from this whole experience?

Tara: That's a tough question! ...There's so much. ... Professionalism matters. That's number one. I think people take that too lightly. Also to take time for those who support you and to be concious of what you put out that may affect them. You gotta put your heart and soul into it because they notice. It's really that easy to change someone's life for the better or worse. I think as individuals we have to start taking that more seriously.

And last but not least to go for it. Whatever your heart is telling you to do, throw yourself into it. You never know where the unknown may take you but I promise you'll thank yourself for it later.

Sean: So true...everything's possible if you just put your all into it.

Tara: Yes and I think when you're on stage people really see that impossible is possible. Because it's in their face, now it's something tangible and they can take that and apply it to any area of their life. Like "If they can do that maybe I can do this." That's how I see it anyways.

Sean: Yeah..it's an eye-opener and a motivation for sure. I forgot to ask this earlier...when did you start to sing and at which point did you realize that it's something you want to do professionally?

Tara: I've been singing and performing since the age of 7. It took me a long time to really go for it because I was held back by fear. I had always been in the studio recording but didn't really take myself seriously until I was grazed by a bullet a few years back. I got caught in a crossfire and the bullet grazed my chest. After that I realized I only had one life to live so I better go after my heart's desire without holding myself back. Fear will hold you back from your destiny if you let it.

Sean: Wow! That's crazy.

Tara: Yes! but God is good & everything happens for a reason.

Sean: It sure does. Thank God that you made it out of that alive.

Tara: Thank you, I had an angel.

Sean: So... You are now part of Protostar Entertainment which is also the home of such acts as Wingate, Rochelle Jordan and producer Klash, right? How did you get with them?

Tara: Yes!! Protostar all day!! I actually met the Protostar family a while back. I was introduced to Klash by DJ Spintelect. We didn't work together until this year. I was in another situation and now things have opened up for us to really get busy. So that's what we are doing.

Sean: I saw you're currently working on your first EP.. How's that going so far and when can we expect it to drop?

Tara: Yeah I am. I have been working on this project for a while now. I'm sure the people who have been following me up to this point are like "Tara probably doesn't even record in the studio!!" [Laughs] But it is dropping in December, I promise. It's going well though. I just wanted to take my time to give people something I can really be proud of. I'm over here trying new things so it should be interesting.

Sean: Who are you working with for this?

Tara: Various producers, Klash of course. Patrick Pryor, Donyea of The U, Corian Jackson just to name a few.

Sean: Ok. Cool. Any chance there'll ever be a Tara King x Rochelle Jordan collabo? I'd like to hear that...

Tara: You can expect that on my EP for sure!

Sean: Awesome! ...In which direction are you going music-wise? There are some of your tracks out there on the net like "Warning Shotz," "Surrender To My Love," and "Self Medicate." ...Is that giving kinda like an idea how the EP is going to sound like? Or will it be different?

Tara: I'm inspired by a lot of different genres of music, so you will be able to hear those influences of hip hop, rock, pop and R&B. Those songs are a little idea of what you might be able to expect. But you will be able to really hear more of my voice. Things will be a little more stripped down.

Sean: That's nice. So would you say it'll be more intimate?

Tara: Definitely.

Sean: Cool. I'm definitely looking forward to that. Before we finish this up...let us know who gets heavy rotation on your iPod right now and who inspires you as an artist.

Tara: A bunch of unreleased music by Protostar. My all time favs are Marvin Gaye, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Aaliyah, Michael and Outkast. And these days who isn't listening to a little Frank Ocean. Oh! This week I just got introduced to King and their 'The Story' EP. So dope.

Sean: Alright! So..to wrap it up...let our readers know where they can find you online...and if you'd like to add anything else..go for it!

Tara: They can find me on taraskingdom.com not much to add but to keep your eyes open, I'm just getting started.

Sean: For sure! Thanks for taking the time to do this. We really appreciate it!

Tara: Thank you!

As she told you above, check her website and follow her on Twitter!

[Photography by Pkasso]


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  3. @Luella me too....She"s looks like those R&B Females To Take Over Hope She Does & She"sPretty & Cute :)

  4. Sean you did an excellent job here! I love how personable the conversation was and the transition from one question to the next was smooth. The way you approached each topic with Ms. King showed respect yet things weren't stiff; you both were comfortable.

    I really love where she went into detail about her grandma being recognized. I can only imagine what a proud moment that was for both of them.

    Again, this was awesome!! Looking forward to more if possible :)

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  6. shes the Coolest, most humble down to earth women :) she retweeted me & made like my month! & when I seen Lupe in concert...Im tellin u Tara was lookin like a Perfect 10 in person ! I have faith she has what it takes to blow up ! & as a one day aspiring artist myself shes low key inspiring


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