Lupe Fiasco talks Occupy Movement w/ AllHipHop

A few days ago we got an excerpt of this interview where Lupe talked about CRS, now here's another one in which he talks about the Occupy Movement. So I wanted to know, just to get things moving, what are your thoughts on the whole Occupy Wall Street movement as it spreads across the world, really, at this point?

Lupe Fiasco: Overall, I think it’s great. Being actually there from the beginning of it, and seeing it kind of mobilize into being something that was an idea or like a challenge, to see the people orchestrate it and to see it actually take place, then to see it kind of spread, and now seeing it become kind of more of a global kind of thing. I think overall, I think it’s great. It’s a great conversation, a great kind of place where people can go.

I’ve been to like five of them in different cities, just checking up on them, just seeing what was needed from a support side but at the same time too to take a temperature of exactly what was going on and to see, I found myself in conversation circles where it’d be a socialist and a physics teacher and a guy who works pro bono — an immigrant lawyer who does pro bono work for immigrants, and then just a regular high school kid then a college guy who went to school and is currently unemployed and is looking for something to do.

And with me, you’ve got some superstar rapper then you’ve got some dude from some union, all in a circle, discussing ideas and theories and thoughts. So I think it’s great.

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  1. nice little read.
    and Occupy Melbourne continues this Saturday after being smashed by the police last week with 100 arrests.


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