Concert Review: Lupe Fiasco @ Fox Theater

Lupe performed in Oakland, CA last night and it was the last stop of his Generation Laser tour. Read a review of the show below:

Lupe Fiasco spent much of Tuesday night’s show at Oakland’s Fox Theater atop a small raised platform at center stage. There he stood, or danced or pranced, literally head and shoulders above all the other musicians.

The scene served as a metaphor for this 29-year-old Chicago rapper’s overall ability as a live performer. For in the land of hip-hop, no one stands taller onstage than Fiasco.

Read the rest HERE // Photo courtesy of Grady Brannan


  1. It was definitely the BEST show I've ever been to. Thank you Lupe for pouring your heart into each and every performance <3

  2. When he came to st louis he performed the same way, and far as i can see he puts on an awesome show every time!


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