Video: Tinie Tempah speaks on possible Collabo w/ Lupe

This past Sunday Tinie performed live at the 2011 FIU homecoming concert with Lupe Fiasco. After the concert we sat down with Tinie and discussed his new mixtape, his singles "Written In The Stars" & "Till I'm gone" featuring Wiz Khalifa and the possibility of collaborating with Lupe Fiasco. Tinie also gives his opinion on RocNation artist J.Cole and their upcoming UK tour.

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Spotted at HHC

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  1. If Lupe collabs with another UK rapper it should be Lowkey

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sway , Jaja Soze, Lowkey , Black the Ripper and Tinie Tempa are the dopest UK rappers.

  4. @potusanya
    You mean "though" lol not tryna be a douchebag I just see a lot of people making that typo.

  5. He should collab with Devlin!

  6. forget devlin... they makin jokes about palestine and shit. he should collab with lowkey for sure,black the ripper, immortal technique, dead prez and so on.


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