Video: Lupe Fiasco talks 9/11, Building 7 & New World Order w/

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change was recently at the Occupy Wall Street event and noticed Lupe Fiasco hanging out with the crowd of protesters.

Lupe wanted to know who Luke was and after talking for 20 minutes about the past work of We Are Change and our mission, Lupe gladly agreed to do the interview.

Lupe gets into great detail about 9/11 truth, the new world order and most importantly solutions to the problems we face today.

We thank Lupe for not only his words but positivity and knowledge he shares with millions of people through his music. - WeAreChange

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  1. in before the fighting! good interview, good to see people asking lupe different questions than "where did you get your name?".

  2. What was the name of the book at 11 mins and seconds? I don't think I got it.

  3. Very very good.

    Lupe #speaksthetruth

    A revolution is bound to happen. 200 and some odd of the US constitution is about to end. America was made by the people for the people. Now it's money over everything. 90% of politicians don't care about the people. They only care about staying in power and making sure their political party stays in power. Everyone needs an eye opener. I'm with Lu on that I don't want a bloody revolution, but its going to happen sadly. History tends to repeat itself. I don't see America nor the world changing through peaceful protests. Believe me, I'm all for MLKing the situation, but the amount of change that is needed is huge and it certainly won't stop with non-violence imo.

  4. the book was pedagogy of the oppressed

  5. can someone ask lupe about ron paul and what he thinks of him?

    end the wars!!!


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