Video: Lupe Fiasco addresses Troy Davis Execution

While performing 'Superstar' at The Tabernacle in Atlanta yesterday Lupe addressed the execution of Troy Davis that's scheduled to take place today.

Troy Davis was convicted of the August 19, 1989, murder of Savannah, Georgia, USA police officer Mark MacPhail on the basis of witness testimony – seven of the nine original witnesses have since recanted or changed their testimony.

Check out the petition that was created to stop the execution HERE


  1. Thank you Lupe for speaking on this travesty in our injustice system

  2. flawless transition from song into speaking about it. thank you lupe.

  3. cant believe it.


  4. ^^^

    I knew they weren't going to give him a stay the justic system hates to admit when they have made a mistake:(

  5. anyone got the little weapon instrumental?

    They killed another man today
    Took him from his cell as he tried to say
    He was an innocent man locked in a cage
    By the state so enraged in a terrible place
    For 22 years they held on to the case
    Several different death dates
    But still they didn’t change his fate
    Even after witnesses changed their story
    This poor victim received an end so gory
    Horribly worsening the torturing for this being
    Seeing how fucked up the whole system is
    Plenty wishing this didn’t exist
    So they petition and prayed
    For forgiveness and change
    But they resisted the claims
    Of innocence and made
    A predicament so strange
    An incident of ignorance and blisslessness for not listening
    To witnesses, tricked by pricks

    Now here come the claims about the man in question
    That he was a thug that deserved arresting
    But take a second and lessen your aggression
    Open your eyes and think about your message
    Your sending, forgetting helping corrections
    Its not infectious but one cant be accepted
    Im restless as I read his death wish
    “may God bless your souls.” And that’s it
    Give him injection fuck his objections
    Its his objectives that give this oppression
    Denied appeals are seeming subjective
    He dies, none heal, real killer still threatens
    Think you god got the low down
    Who chose you to put this man down
    In the ground to be bound by this crown that surrounds
    So profound how we found there’s no reasonable doubt

  6. ^drmmchnt, that was dope. do you rap?

  7. yeah a little bit just for fun nothing serious, just got inspired by the situation and kept hearing lupe saying "i killed another man today" so decided to go off that, just cant find the instrumental anywhere


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