Review: Lupe Fiasco @ HOB Boston [09/12/11]

Haven't had a show review on here in a while so here it goes via BMS:

Like his lifestyle, Fiasco’s music and performance are defined by eclecticism as well. Not only does he tour with a live band rather than a DJ like most rappers do, but he’s probably the only MC you’ll see with a violinist in his band (Berklee grad Ashanti Floyd).

His show started out more like a rock show than hip hop with the band blasting through the powerful “Words I Never Said” as Fiasco banged his head and played air guitar while singer Sarah Green took the vocals on Skylar Grey’s catchy chorus.

With a post-punk side project called Japanese Cartoon, Fiasco is no stranger to rock and he used this side of him to fuel the excitement for the first leg of the show with amped up tracks like “State Run Radio”, “Go Go Gadget Flow” and his verse from N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose”...

Click HERE to read it all! // [Photo courtesy of ClintonB]


  1. keep an eye out for more vids that im gonna post from the boston show.

    this is the first one. i havent had time to get the others up yet.

  2. Wait did he not do daydream?!?!?


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