1. This right here though...mellow, smooth, Lupe's verse: nawce!

    Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it! :)

  2. been jammin jay since 04 and this is his definitely his normal sound

    when i first heard abt this track, I was expecting a shitty club banger cause that's what he's been making recently, but shit, this is smooooth as fuuuck.

    lupe did his thing of course, fit in perfectly wit the beat...

    this is the type of shit that needs to played heavily on the radio tho, fo reaaal

  3. I'm feeling it. Like ihadsomelagears, the song is mellow and smooth...It's something you can wind down to after a long day.

  4. This joint is iiight. People were hatin on the track before they even heard it because "jay sean" was in it. But like always Lu murders the track, but this time he does it smoooooothly. ha...

  5. This was actually dope. Better than I expected.

  6. I'm sorry, I'm not even gonna listen :(

  7. cant be the best rapper out doin these type joints carrera lu!

  8. ^^ He's always done these R&B joints...besides that it's not even bad and his verse is nice.

    Just listen to the words.

  9. I swear Lupe is gifted. He can keep everything balanced, his faith, his beliefs, his limits, his music career, business, ...

    Even though he had struggles, which we all have once in a while, he is still doing his thing.

    Even If he didn't win the award he is a winner for us.

  10. Hey Sean can you post this song:
    Lowkey Obama Nation (Part 2)
    It samples Lupes Words I Never Said! I think it's something even Lupe would cosign!
    Thanks :)

  11. listening to Jay always urges me to punch a baby and kick a puppy. don't know why. but get Lupe on a verse and Jay on the rest..

  12. Okay I like it, a nice smoth joint is always good for the soul:)

  13. "From the moment that made us till death separate us"
    -Lupe Fiasco

  14. What the hell was that sound partway through Lupe's verse? It blocked out like a whole bar.

  15. ^^ that was some "tag" added by the radio I guess..

  16. Very dope! Gr8 to hear Jay Sean bk...and always dope to hear Lupe on a track.

  17. @NyrisJ yea that pissed me off... & @ the 9th comment, yea i agree

  18. I'm really not positive on this being the right words, but here what I got from Lupe's veres. :)
    runnin through the bombs and cannons,
    flames in the rain n the danger is challenge,
    down for the cause,let dont wait for the famine,
    live life a lot we glad to see brandon,
    which means we never don't care,its real
    from the foundation to the famine,
    from the movement that made us from death seperated,
    theres a king theres a queen,there are kids to the illest,
    hopefully never but if ever,become sick and soak cloths together,
    we can medicate to a state as fast as better,
    and in the midst may be we can set a record,
    get lupe on the verse and jay on the rest,
    put it on and slice this version,
    take it back to the back from where we started,

  19. Waaaaa this is so smooth, you can't just have a smoother song than this.

  20. Yeah,
    Companions, running through the bombs and the cannon/
    Flames in the rain and the dangerous challenge/
    Down for the cause, lets donate to the famine/
    Live life a lot but reckless abandon/
    Which means that we never don’t care/
    Which is rare, from the foundation to the phantom/
    From the moment that made us till death separate us/
    Everything in-between is dedicated to The Greatest/
    Hopefully never, but if ever become sick it’s so close together/
    We can medicate it to a status that’s better/
    In the midst may be even set a record/
    Get Lupe on the verse and Jay on the rest/
    And put it on at the slightest displeasure/
    And take you back to the back were we started this together/

  21. still think Lu's best collabo was good doesn't seem as bad as it is w trae the truth

  22. ^^ uhhh think you mean bad don't seem so wrong dude lol. That would be s long behind name for a track lol.

    But dope track, my dude Lu doing his thing as always.

  23. @ Prop Joe
    That is not lu's best collab. You must be a new fan cause he got collabs WAYYYYYY better than "bad don't seem so wrong"

  24. One of Lu's best collabs is 'flying high.'

  25. "...From the moment that made us, till death separate us; everything in between is dedicated to The Greatest." I love this line!


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