Mixtape: Charles Hamilton - Sober Karaoke

Now some of you MAY already have this mixtape due to it leaking roughly 2 months ago, but since it never received an "official release", I figured we throw this up to those who may not have it yet. Sober Karaoke is Charles's SECOND album, meaning it's been sitting in the vaults for a good minute, but nonetheless, it's dope! See below:

Charles Hamilton - Anger Management

If you like what you heard, then follow this LINK for the full project and prepare yourself for the official return of Sonic VERY soon ;)


  1. MY NIGGA CHARLES HAMILTON IS BACK!!! glad to see him doing well

    we need more of his brilliant music

    dude has the illest production like fahreal

  2. charles hamilton is garbage, and i aint even trollin

  3. Yep, charles halmilton sucks. I use to think he was dope, but I have finally come to reality. He sucks no ifs, ands, or buts.

  4. Charles is dope! Fuck what yall two above are talking about. Still Sobre karoke sucks. Had it when leaked it sucked then and sucks now but it's understandable since it's when he first started rapping I bet Lu first few projects were garbage too.

  5. Can't wait for Charles return. Sober karaoke still sucks thou

  6. And for you niggas judging this album it's old as fuck 2005 from when CH FIRST STARTED RAPPING. So naturally it's not gonna be good. The world(well the Internet) was exposed to CH in 08. This is 3 yrs before that.

  7. It's not amazing, but it is when he was just getting started, though.
    P.S. ANGER MANAGEMENT!@#$@#$!!

  8. no, good rappers firt material are almost always definitive of their skill.

    later project just shows you hows that artists has progressed, and how that already good skill, has gotten better, or vice versa.

    in charles hamilton case, his first material was garbage, because he is garbage. 1 or 2 good songs dont make him dope. you are either good or bad. in music there's no in between, that why yall dont keep music you dont like on yor ipod

  9. ^ that's the dumbest shit I've ever read.

    you think reasonable doubt was Jay Z FIRST shit? You think Nas album was his first shit? Lupe first shit was hot garbage bro...you think the Farenheit shit was his first go?

    Whack ass stupid nigga...

  10. Fuck you "Anonymous" haters. Sober Karaoke is a little seasoned but its still pretty good. CH always had skill, but most listeners won't even give him a chance because of the Sonic issue, personal subject matter, etc. CH is ill. Hope he returns with new music.


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