Video: Lupe Fiasco says that he's the Best

Towards the end of his set Lupe freestyled for the crowd in his hometown of Chicago yesterday letting everyone know that he's back up on his grind:

"When you're done Watching The Throne, turn around and watch me, when you're done with the Carter 4 come back to me for more, when you're done with that Drake, no, I ain't trying to hate but I'm back up on my grind and I'm about to skaaaaate on these ni**as!"
"Put it on your blog and your tumblrs on your twitters that Lupe said that he’s the best, NI**A."


  1. All of this makes my heart feel at ease. From Lupe knowing he's the best rapper to bringing it old school again with Food & Liquor II. Ahhh BLISS! I LOVE YOU LUPE FIASCO! I LOVE YOU TOO WASALU MUHAMMAD JACO! Lol

  2. Well ain'ttt that the truth!

    He ain't neva lied!

    I'm itching for F&LII..

  3. BOUT DAMN TIME HE FINALLY ADMITTED IT, smh. Bein humble got old in fcking 07'. For fucks sake he had already been in the running for best rapper alive when goddamn revenge of the nerds dropped.

  4. I dont really feel that he was claiming to be the best in his statement. I think this is just him stating that we shouldnt let "Watch the Throne" make us forget about F&L2. I think this article is taking things a bit outta context IMO.

    But if this is his (VERY INDIRECT WAY) of saying he is the best, then Im happy that Lupe is expressing his self-confidence in his skillz and his personality....but i just hope this isnt going to go too far. I really hope this isnt that beginning of Lupe starting to pull a wayne on us with this self proclaiming himself king bullshit. IMO, i dont care how "big" u r, that title (and nicknames in general for that matter) need to given to u by the people, NOT by yourself.

    Its really stupid that ppl in the game feel like they have say shit like this in order to not seem meek in the music industry. And that just goes to show how we as ppl and as a fanbase would rather choose to bandwagon a SELF-APPOINTED facade than to actually take that time to make a critique of quality and judge on that >___>. Instead we need to be told by that person about their quality....but hey, thats the current world we live whatever....-___-

    One of the reasons why i think highly of Lupe is that for the most part he is a very humble person that displays his worth through his actions and NOT by self-given claims.(like most SWAG-HOP artists do.). And IMO, we shouldnt expect him to have to say he's the best.

    @AD: and NO, him being humble has not "got old" like u put it. Youre acting like him being humble is some fad or trend. Thats who lupe really is, and if u cant respect that, then i dont know y youre a fan of his kinda hip-hop in the first place.

  5. Hell yeah, now this is what I like to see! XD GET EM LU!!!!!!!!

  6. Everything LPof the Shadows said..

  7. @LPofShadows: Yeah... no.

    First of all, me saying him being humble was getting old has nothing to do with it being, according to you, a fad/trend. Lu was notorious for trying to stay away from being called anything but the average rapper (this included cutting people off and saying hes not that great by telling people his music isn't good) and it was annoying that he didn't have enough confidence in his own music to deem it worthy for human ears.

    Second of all, just because I don't agree with your philosophy on Lu's former confidence issues doesn't mean i shouldn't stop listening to my favorite artist for your benefit.

    Third of all, Lu's been cosigned by a TON of rappers (some won't even get on a track with him, or admit that his verses take them a minute to figure out). He's an amazing lyricist and few in the rap game at the moment can stand up to him in that department. He also isn't constricted by subject matter either, since hes shown time and time again that no matter what hes talking about (pushing rocks, spittin game, "conscious rap", gettin money, etc.) he will still eat beats alive and make niggas heads spin.

    P.S. There's no need for you to act like an elitist know-it-all.

  8. Lu saying he's the best at one of his shows is nothing new.

  9. Ok...

    Lu is the best rapper period.

    It's one thing for Wayne or any rapper for the matter to self proclaim that they are the best rapper, but it's another thing when then best rapper says he's the best rapper.

    LPof the Shadows do you not think that Lupe is the best rapper? I feel where you are coming from that the title should be given by the people and not self proclaimed, but many have been giving Lu that title for years now fans and other rappers alike. They might have not said directly because it would look bad on their behalf.

    Jay-Z has called Lupe the best writer of our time. To me that's beating around the bush of calling me the best rapper.
    Drake has called Lupe a legend.
    Diggy has called Lupe the best to ever do it (not that his opinion has much weight to it).
    Soulja Boy, Lil B, Nas, Ice T, T.I, and many other rappers have praised Lu.

    I honestly think that Lupe should either via twitter or an interview with MTV say that he's the best rapper.
    Pretty much no one would argue it. Name a rapper that will step up and put Lu in his place. Maybe a few old school rapper might call Lupe out on it, but definitely none of these new school niggas like Rick Ross or Drake will say shit. Wayne might feel obligated to say something since he said he was the best alive even though he is not and has ghost writers...

    Lupe doesn't HAVE to say he is the best, but if he does say it what is wrong with that since it is in deed true?

  10. typo edit:

    I meant to put he not me -_-

  11. ey real talk i remembr mah nigga lu sayin sumn like "i dont giv a fuk who album comin out dis year cuh it aint gon be bettr den mine" at sum ol show way bak feelme? real talk mah nigga lu jus needa get on his shit n bring dat albm 2 lite nahmean? no hate jus real talk da music be speakin 4 itself

  12. Also I like the fact that Lu said this because it reminds me of the hunger that Lu once had, but seems to have lost recently.

    Remember when Lu was upset that he didn't make MTV's hottest rappers list?

    The track "Fire" and Enemy Of The State Mixtape was a result of that. Friend Of The People Mixtape was also announced because of that but has since been pushed back.

    Man, I really think that Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album will be a freaking classic.

  13. @AD:....where to begin....-___-

    Before i begin, I never implied that u shouldnt be a fan of his music just because u disagree with me, thats foolishness. We all have the right to listen to whatever we want. I just think that someone with your view of confidence would PROBABLY not be into an artist like lupe, i was NOT saying u cant listen to him ....that being said....Lets begin...

    First off, Im aware of Lupe downplaying his skillz in his interviews, quotes, etc. The point is, is that hes one of the few hip-hop/rap artists out there who can show his prowess without having to tell his audience over and over and over again that hes the best (Like other Swag-hop artists that i shouldnt have to name >___>). And why is it that not self-proclaiming himself as the best make him seem like he doesnt "....have enough confidence in his own music to deem it worthy for human ears....".....this is the same shit i was talking about in my last post about ppl needing their artists to spoon feed them SELF-PROCLAIMED titles in order to see "confidence" and "swag"....

    Which leads point #2: Which is your third point PROVES MY POINT ENTIRELY!!!!!! At this point in his career, Lupe hasnt for the most part self-appointed himself as the best and he still got all of these co-signs and respect from other artists. Which goes to show that if you are "the best" and confident and competent at your craft...THEN YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE YOU ARE, THEY WILL PICK UP ON THAT THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS AND DEEM YOU SO!!!!!!!! *smfh*

    So in conclusion, you SHOULDNT conflate being the best with SELF-PROCLAIMING youre the show it through your actions. And through those actions, thats when the people decide if youre deserving...nuff said....

    P.S. If being CONSTRUCTIVELY critical makes me an "elitist" as u put it...then so fucking be it!!!!!

    P.S.S. And btw, this is all coming from a person who views Lupe as one of the best in the game right now. And I respect Lupe for his humbleness.

  14. I've been to 4 Lupe shows and he's sais he's the best rapper at two of those shows. Nothing new here. In between songs he'll say alot of stuff.

  15. @LPofShadows: I still don't understand why you have such a problem with Lu stating a fact/feelin himself. Do you seriously want him to keep his head low throughout his whole career and keep telling himself and everyone around him that he makes terrible music? There's a thin line between humble and lack of self confidence and it seems like you want him to cross that line and stay there. Let the dude own up to what he obviously worked for. There's nothing wrong with taking and declaring what's yours. It's called being alpha, you should try it sometime.

  16. he WOULD say this shit when its hardest to prove lol

  17. all i can say is......

    F is for finisher...

  18. thats a dope ass freestyle! when he says "who you think they got their style from?" is he referring to his flow on outty 5000? i hope so lol. im willing to bet big sean got his flow from that, then everybody else jacked sean. thats just my opinion lol either way this was dope!

  19. "who you think these rappers got their fuckin style from?!"

  20. I love seeing Lupe with a little competetive edge sometimes! I don't really see it as being cocky, he's just confident. All of us humans have moments like that. I thinks it's perfectly normal. Again I say: GET EM LU!!!

  21. "my fillers better than ya whole album" lmfao sooo true

  22. So he said I'm the best nigga not rapper. What a disappointment. =/


    And once again u miss the point entirely of what im saying.....-____-. So let me make this clear.....BEING HUMBLE IS NOT THE SAME THING AS LACKING CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!....Choosing not to self-appoint yourself as the best does NOT mean that you don't believe in the quality of your skills in your craft.

    Lupe CAN AND HAS ALREADY SHOWN that he can convey his confidence and prove with skills WITHOUT doing so. Its this society (namely in this case, the majority of fanbase of hip-hop) who cant wrap their fucking heads around this concept and can only see COCKY-NESS AND ARROGANCE as the ONLY means of showing confidence......youre conflating being "alpha" with being "pompous".

    Real alpha males don't have proclaim themselves top dog, ppl will just know it when they see that individual. Nuff said.

    And all these little fucking boys who constantly spit swag-rap in a majority of their lyrics and songs are nothing but that.....second rate betas mascaraing as top dogs.......And unfortunately, many fans of hip-hop/rap have allowed this guise of "superiority" to become an acceptable criterion for what it means to be "alpha" as you put it......

    Hip-hop/Rap as an art form, still has a lot of evolving to do in its artists and its fanbase.....and we need a Renaissance of lyrical content and overall mentality, very badly in the future -___-.

    P.S. I think u try reevaluating your criterion of being "Alpha". You should try some critical thought sometime.

  24. "when you're done watching the throne, turn around and watch me"... Ironically, Lupe went HAM on that Freestyle!!!

  25. @Logic: I do see lupe as the best lyricist in the game right now. But i feel its too early to crown the guy just yet. Lupe career is still very young. And Lupe has a lot of energy and youth left in him, and a lot more things to talk and bars to spit in his career. AND IM SAYING THIS AS A HUGE FAN OF LUPE.

    And until we've seen the longevity of Lupes career as a whole compared to other legendary Emcees, AND how his legacy lives on and influences others in future, then we cant crown Lupe....YET!!!!!

  26. Why is this entitled that HE said he was the "best rapper",yet when you post the lyrics that he freestyled it says "best nigga"? It's like your deliberately misquoting, i just hope no drama starts up and people are going to talk ish and say "Oh he said he is the best rapper out! i seen it on the blog"...Its one thing saying he said he's the best or that he is back on his old shit but to say that HE DECLARED HIMSELF is alil too much.Granted he is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE IN MY BOOK but...seriously guys wtf. If he implies it then ok but you guys have to watch what you write.

  27. ^^ because someone sent the quote to me before we got the video and he said that Lupe said Best Rapper...turned out that he only said best...I just didn't change the title ...

  28. ^thing is this was initially posted based off of what people were saying that went to the concert.

    People that went to the concert misquoted Lu. They said that he said "he's the best rapper, nigga." But that doesn't mean that Lupe didn't mean this though. Lu could have either meant "he's the best, nigga" which would still imply that he meant he's the best rapper or he meant "hes the best nigga" which like you said doesn't really fit the title.

  29. I changed the title so you can interpret it how you want...

    He's the best Rapper though.

  30. we all know hes the best, its time for people to step up and challenge Lu, so Lu can put them in their place

  31. why didnt lupe mention FOTP!? i hope he still plans on droppin it would be bananas if it came out in its original date dec25!! hahaa imagine that

  32. who has died that lupe is the best rapper alive ? last i checked nas was still up & running.

  33. Lupe never proved he was the best rapper this year. Lasers was weak, no mixtapes since EOTS. 'SLR' was awesome, but that was all we got.

    I personally think he is still at the lowest point of his career. Until he gives us FOTP or F&LII, he won't be back at his peak again.

  34. real talk been knowing this shit since the mixtapes ya dig. as far as im concern Lupe to me is in contention for that G.O.A.T watch out my nigga Nasty Nas. both deservedly so, both humble both just straight up raw and uncut on the mic. real talk

  35. best rapper pre-Lasers- yes. Lasers hurt his rep doe. and no way around that.

  36. ^ agree but real talk tho lupe still with that garbage record is still nothing to be fucked with!

  37. You're only as good as your last album. Lupe has to prove it. We all know he's capable now he has to come with that fire. He needs to get back in his lane, and he'll be the goat when it's all said and done, and it shouldn't even be argued.

  38. @Sean

    No disputing that..

    This next one though...whewwww, gon be off the wall, I can feel it!

  39. That is how good Lupe is. He made a crap album and is still considered great. If any other rapper had released LASERS their careers and reputation as they know it would have been destroyed.

  40. 100% agreed cosign to the fullest

  41. I don't see how people are saying that Lasers hurt Lupe to be qualified as the best rapper ESPECIALLY today, you act like he wanted that album to be like it was,since alot of people compare Lupe to Nas, Lasers is like Lupe's Nastradamus, Lupe's worst album but not really a bad album in general, but it would be pretty decent if it was someone else debut album, I dont understand why people are saying Lupe needs to do more to be considered the best when people like Big L and Biggie are considered the GOAT when they don't have nearly as much material as Lupe does now, ya'll people are buggin, get off the past, Lupe IS the best, CLEARLY, NO DEBATING.

  42. how does Lasers discredit lu bein the illest?? if the fastest nigga on earth had to do a race draggin 6 tons and happens to lose does that mean hes not the fastest anymore??

  43. y'all dont understand

    lupe is on a different pedestal on people's mind. his third album was american-idol-debut material. the music was ok, but it was NOT lupe. that's exactly how good he is, people never expected the album to be so crappy, ACCORDING TO LUPE's TRACK RECORD. ya dig?

  44. @LPofShadows: You are one thick headed near sighted sob aren't you.
    Let me re-quote something for you.

    "There's a thin line between humble and lack of self confidence and it seems like you want him to cross that line and stay there."
    - Never did I say they were the same. Read the goddamn quote.

    Second of all, you seriously do not know what an alpha is nor do you understand an alpha's mannerisms. You are mixing beta behavior with alpha behavior and it makes me feel like you have some personal issues with what an alpha actually is and are trying to create your own idea of what an alpha should be, since you just don't like or have a bad experience with the original idea.

    Finally, you sir are an utter tool that needs to re-evaluate how to communicate with people, ESPECIALLY when you are trying to get your point across. You don't need to scream your head off every few words (lay off the caps lock bro) and use 5+ exclamation points when you only need one. You aren't 12, learn to type and speak like a normal person. To me you seem like those betas "mascaraing" (LOL)as alphas that you described. You use ALL CAPS to make you seem like you have some sort of power over the person you are communicating with by shouting at them through text, but dropping the ball when it comes to things that matter, such as correct spelling (this thing has fucking spell check for Christ's sake) and correct and in-excessive punctuation.

  45. @EscobarsPhantom
    Jay is better than Nas and Lupe is better than Jay. So yeah! Lupe is the best. Eminem, Pac nor Biggie(R.I.P both) can't touch Lu at his best. And ALL of them are dope. Lupe is the best rapper period! Dead or alive! Even though Lasers and some of the stuff after lasers ruined him pretty badly he is still the greatest rapper.

  46. I am from Chicago, so I have a slight bias toward Chicago rappers. Having said that, Lupe can't seriously think he is the best rapper. He is good, but really? I like him mostly because he is different and doesn't talk about the same ish everyone else does, but that does not make him the best.

  47. @AD:....oh wow...

    Before i making one typing error just all of a sudden, deems me completely incompetent? Sometimes, errors will fall through the cracks. And i love you how use that one little, irrelevant flaw to try and an "debunk" my argument. I see you're resorting to just plain muckraking in lieu of posing logical arguments, huh sparky? XD lol. And I use caps not as just mindless shouting, but mainly as EXCLAMATIONS to EMPHASIZE my points so people like you wont just skim past them. But your false guise of "alpha" behavior has clouded your judgement so much that its pointless trying to get through to you, so yeah....."It is what it is and that's how it's gon' be." >___>


    The quote that you gave implies that you assume that I want Lupe to "cross" into the realm of lacking in confidence and stay there. When thats not what i meant AT ALL (I've defined being humble already, so I shouldnt have to repeat myself). If thats what you WERENT implying, then i highly suggest that you change the phrasing of your points. Because they obviously arent clean-cut enough to draw a clear interpretation. (even with my typing error, it was still obvious what i was trying to say....says a lot if that error can be more clearly interpreted than your quote -___-)

    And sorry bro, i know what it means to be a TRUE alpha. Silly people with the beta mindset of today are always thinking in the short term "if i puff my chest out and peacock in front of everyone, then i can become alpha!!!". And its thinking like that that separates 2nd rate betas from alphas. You can peacock and use all the fighting words and bragging that you want (and you will get weak minded people to follow you blindly), but that track will never get you the ultimate respect and praise that you feel that you have "earned". And just like that, your pseudo "reign of power" will be short-lived and replaced by another mindless neanderthal (Like a gang or mob leader being replaced by another figure head, sound familiar????) sorry im not "mixing beta behavior with alpha behavior". And you good sir (like most people with that mindset) have been taught to think in terms of a 2nd rate betas for soooo long, that you truly believe youre alpha. And its sad that you won't realize it until your immediate fall from grace, at which point, youll end up with enjoy the ride while it lasts Tony Montana lol.

    I know my self-worth and i know how to be confident in my skills and hold strong to my convictions. Notice how I havent had to resort to calling myself the best throughout this whole time?.....oh wait, im sorry, i forgot that its hard for you to comprehend my confidence without putting it in terms of a 2nd rate beta.....because I don't have announce to everyone like a little child craving attention every five seconds that, "IM THE BEST, LOOK AT ME EVERYONE!!!!". Those who brag and flash for ALL of their presentation, 9 times outta 10, arent the strongest dudes in the room.

    I love how assuming me posing my stance makes me a "Snob". So, by that train of thought, that also makes you and everyone on this planet a snob as well. Once again, just silly, 2nd rate beta tactics of muckraking and appealing to pathos with no substance *yawn....sigh...*. And if choosing logic over false claims makes me that, then so be it.

    Lupe has shown his strength and skills without having to resort to mainly spouting 2nd rate beta behavior (e.i. starting beefs with people, disrespecting others for no reason, being a one-upper, etc), and he has been recognized by many of his peers in the music industry for it. So peacocking will work in the short-term for the weak of heart in fooling people of a similar mindset, but it wont truly make them truly king....nuff said.

  48. @AD: to quote Lupe:

    "...And my most coveted thing is my high self-esteem, And the low tolerance for them telling me how to lean. See the most important parts, are the ones that are unseen,
    See the wings DON'T make you fly and the crown DON'T make you king
    Now God don't like ugly, ain't too happy bout pretty
    I am ignorance's enemy so stay out of the vicinity of..."

  49. Nas > Jay-Z. Lupe >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jay-Z (see the big difference?) Lol

    I completely agree with @Twain. IMO Lasers was a great album because it slew of things that I'm accustomed to (to me it was like Daft Punk or J.U.S.T.I.C.E meets Lupe with a little bit of a hip hop feel) But it just wasn't what most Lupe fans were used to or expected.

    I advise you all to try to keep an open mind when listening to new things isntead of looking for the BOOM BAP that you're used to…

    "Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier" Charles F. Kettering (American Engineer, inventor of the electric Starter)

    Quick question: Is anybody's fingers stills crossed for that Jay Electronica & Lupe Fiasco collab? Or is it just me? Just me? Oh ok ^_^

  50. @Cerberus: very powerfully and true quote man. I had my gripes with lasers (mainly in the part of it being tainted by the hands of Atlantic production and beat wise. theres a reason its not called "Lupe Fiasco's: Lasers"). But when u really listen to his lyrics, Lupe hasnt really changed that much...yes its not his greatest works ever, but they are still very solid. And there are some great gems in this album and solid quality overall lyrically in the album.

    And on top of all that, Lupe went more mainstream without resorting to bragging about his money, talking about his material possessions, degrading women, starting senseless beefs with other artists, throwing the N-word around every five seconds, or any other pompous traits that are commonly associated with the genre of hip-hop/rap (that says a lot about Lupes skills and character.)

    I say we hold our full judgement for lupe when F&L2 has come out. Then we'll better know what directions he's taken post-lasers. Plus that album will have "Lupe Fiasco's..." in the title =D

    Also, i would love a jay elect. and Lupe collab....that would be sick XD

  51. @ anoymous 3 up , lol Jay-z is NO WHERE near nas. & im a lupe fan, Nas is the greatest to do it. point blank period. Lupe still young so theres time but the title is Nas'

  52. LOL who eva said Jay z is better than hahahahahahaha ya ish had a nigga rolling hard over here. lets put it this way: lupe > jay z common > jay z pharoahe monch > jay z Mighty Mos Def > Jay z Biggie > Jay Z Andre 3000 > Jay Z Kool G > Jay Z Krs-1 > Jay Z even talib kwelli > Jay Z, Black Thought > Jay Z..and who you think most of this rappers got influenced by? Nasty Nas and who you think Nas got influenced by Rakim. Nuff Said..Nas, Rakim 2 of the greatest to ever do it..

  53. Nas is almost 38 and he's still showing you he's the greatest. Lu hasn't dropped a feature verse as nice as Nas's on Wayne's album in a long time. Lets face it though, you can't say your the best with Lasers dropping only 5 months ago. That album is super wack and other albums have been much better.

  54. @LP I agree. Lupe hasn't changed & now that the hands of Atlantic have taken a "laissez faire" approach towards this particular artist, we should be getting that F&L/The Cool feeling from all of his new projects.

    And for all the Anon's = "Nas is the GOAT, Lupe is the BOAT, and Rakim is The Architect" (minus the Lupe reference, this is a quote from Jay Electronica)

    Stop comparing & just let them all be great. Only thing I have to say about Jay-Z is he's the wealthiest. Besides that, Malignant Cancer > Jay-Z

  55. ^ LOL damn right, only thing Jay Z got on all this great rappers: Nas, Rakim, Lupe, is that his richer than them due to dumbin down and being a great business men

  56. @Escobars I was just trolling. But I do like Jay more than Nas but they are equal to me. I just perfer Jay more.

  57. Why is lupe saying he's the best such a big deal? Come on we already knew this. Nas jayz 3000 em (even albums b4 the em show) biggie pac ain't betta lyrically. If there is only one lyrical genius to ever rap in the rap game its lupe.

  58. Lol lupe fiasco is the most genius rapper to do it. That is all.


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