If you show support; Lupe will Donate

via Lu's Twitter:

Can't make it 2 NYC? Show ur support 4 #occupywallstreet 2morrow by making a sign, bumper sticker, tshirt, henna tattoo & Send me a pic! For every 1,000 twitpics I get showing visual support for #occupywallstreet I'm gonna donate $25 bucks to The Food Comittee

The more public (so other people can see it hahaha) the #occupywallstreet support sign/pic is the better! Let's get creative people!

Check THIS SITE for info's about #OccupyWallStreet!


  1. keep in mind lasers got 30k peoples signatures, this is much bigger plus 1 person can send in as many pics as they want to, and lupe has got almost a million followers on twitter so he could easily end up paying a few grand.

  2. Lol dumbass lu... smh nigga just donate nigga. u gonna get less than 1000 twit pics. the petition thing was easy and toook no time this didnt so this he aint gettin ntohin

  3. ^It's mainly about spreading awareness and getting support. Thus he's using the "I'll donate $25 per 1000 twitpics" to get OTHERS involved as oppose to him just donating 10K while everyone else just continues on with their lives.

  4. Besides that, Lupe already donated 50 tents to them...

  5. He most likely going to donate afterwards.
    He's trying to get his community to help out.
    Alright Go Lupe!~

  6. Lol
    @Sean I read "50 tents" as "50 cents" I was like wtf lupe is cheap hahaha until I read it again and saw that it was a "t" and not a "c"

  7. ^ while your at it why dont you tell us how your day went? oh wait no one wants to hear yo shit! go to sleep nigga pun intended

  8. ^nigga go sit your bitter ass down somewhere you ole sour puss ass, lame ass pun writing bitch nigga take your negative ass somewhere. Acting like a hoe.


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