Food & Liquor Week: "The Emperor's Soundtrack" [Video]

We continue Food & Liquor week, looking back at another video. This time it's the one for "The Emperor's Soundtrack" which was also directed by the good folks of Impakt Studios.

Now there are some rumors that this was supposed to be a longer clip but I don't know about that. The way it looks to me it was only supposed to be as long as it is, but who knows.

The video itself was shot at the Iron Studios in Chicago, IL. I really like the little effects that they put on it and as I said before, I like the charm of those videos that are not so high budget/glossy looking.


  1. real talk dis alwys was mah favrite trak on f&l nahmean? i mean real talk dis shit had no cachy hook no flashy ass beat or nothn nahmean? real talk jus mah nigga lu tearin shit up wit dem dum hard lyrix n real talk it jus rides out so smooth n shit feelme? but real talk dis vid was aite. i mean real talk im not tryna hate cuz shit go hard n real talk mah nigga was jus puttin shit on the map then but he need suma dem real ass shot caller type vids nahmean? but real talk no hate

  2. Lupe's hand motions are legendary.

  3. Completely forgot about this video! Man it's been so long since I've seen it. Good post Sean.

  4. Best video would of been "The Cool"

  5. nahh i think Hurt Me Soul woulda been a great vid


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