Concert Review: Lupe Fiasco @ Chaifetz Arena

After pics and some video footage here's a review of Lupe's show in St. Louis which went down yesterday:

The world is going mad as Lupe Fiasco leaps onto the stage, flying in from somewhere behind the black curtain to take his pulpit behind the microphone stand.

"I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bull shit..."

He is rapping "Words I Never Said," rolling his shoulders to the rhythm of the full band behind him, his short dreads bursting skyward like fireworks.

"Your child's future was the first to go with budget cuts/ If you think that hurts then, wait, here comes the uppercut, the school was garbage in the first place..."

At the tail of each bar he gazes into the mass of swaying arms and bouncing bodies, packing the floor of the Chaifetz Arena at Saint Louis University. It's homecoming weekend here and Lupe is preaching to an anguished generation crippled with college debt, staring into the mouth of the worst economy in 80 years, adolescent idealism prematurely eroding into disillusionment.

We're a generation at a crossroads between empowerment and cynicism. Lupe gives us voice.

Read it all and check the set list HERE

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