1. Hope this kid doesn't fall off before he even gets started like Diggy did.

  2. homie lookin like he straight outta sunny D commercial in that pic lol

    "we got this purple stuff or..."

  3. hopefully, after tasting the limelight, he doesn't fall the fuck off like j. cole did...

  4. Wait until you hear J.Cole's album before coming to that conclusion.

    If J.Cole's album is nothing but mainstream hot garbage he'll be the BIGGEST disappointment ever...

  5. Thats why Drake is the best rapper out right now. Hard lyrics and stays true

  6. sup lasers!

    bishop g still upstate. he droppin a classic this february when he get out doe. working title is "missionary position" - the first single is gonna be either "blessed to be the best" or "ecumenical hustla"

    lupe, trae, j. cole, big sean, cyhi da prince, raekwon, rick ross, and yeezy are all featured. boi-1da, kane beatz, neptunes, bone thugz, 1500 and justice league all gave beatz

    dont say i told ya so buuuITOLYASOOOOO!

    peace, keep beamin lasers!

  7. LMFAO!!!

    Drake the best rapper right now?

    HELL NO!

    The best rapper out now is Lupe Fiasco hands down.

    J.Cole > Drake, fact. J.Cole is a better lyricist than Drake no debate. It would just be a disappointment if J.Cole sold out on his debut album. That doesn't mean he can't rap though lol.

    Drake is definitely putting out another crap mainstream album after listening to marvins room and headlines lmao. Drake does not come with the hard lyrics.

    And Drake stays true to what? He definitely doesn't stay true to himself. Drake stays true whatever he think will sell and what ever young money wants him to do.

  8. drake CAN rap he proved that coming out but the dude has stopped making quality lyrics since signing to young money all he does is hooks now. I'm sorry I'm a HUGE drake fan but J Cole is a better lyricist than drake was EVER or will ever be. I'm cautious about his album tho. his mix tapes have stayed on pointe tho so I'm hoping for a good 50-50 of mainstream and classic songs. but hey i hoped for that with drake and it still turned out to be mainly garbage.

  9. Three things:

    A) YM is definitely NOT Bishop G's child
    2) If that was a joke about Bishop G, anthony~, but its not funny and I don't appreciate it
    D) Why has this turned into a discussion about Drake and J. Cole? Two lames who pale in comparison to Lupe's lyrical prowess?


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