Win tickets to see Lupe Fiasco at the Triad Music Fest

We're giving away 4 tickets for the Triad Music Fest in Greensboro, NC which will go down on Sept. 3rd. All you have to do is answer the following questions about Lupe correctly:

  • How many black belts does Lupe have?
  • How long did it take for The Cool to go Gold? (in months)
  • How old was Lupe when his first album dropped?
  • Which magazine was the first to give Lupe a cover?

Send the correct answers to and put "Triad Tickets" in the subject line. Also make sure to include your address and a phone number where you can be reached.

You have until Aug. 31st to enter. The first one to answer correctly will get 2 tickets, the 2nd and the 3rd person to answer correctly will get one ticket each.

Good luck!


  1. Haha terrible timing, same weekend as Electric Zoo...otherwise I totally would though

  2. ok..ive been absent from this blog for a while, but i have to comment on this.....WOW. just WOW..thats all i have to say....

    first off, triad should be a dead give away for the reversal of the holy trinity.

    second, look at the heart. does it look familiar to you? the top part of the heart is separated by the music sign in to two parts, which definately makes it look like two HORNS....hmmm....i wonder who has two horns????anyone???THATS RIGHT...SATAN.

    Thirdly, and this is the most important: notice the first words of thequestions that they ask us to answer...the first 3, when rearranged become "who,who,who"..u should be able to see the similariities b/w that and the sign of the beast (666). then, the last question starts with which, or "witch" basically its saying: "who,who,who?" "Witch"...deep occultic shit..which of course ties deeply into illuminati/NWO.

  3. ^^ yeah that was totally what was on my mind when I came up with these questions...lmao!

  4. ey real talk du up abv thinkin he revelin shit wen he not evn usin a logic basd on proof nahmean? i mean real talk homie dat aint da way u gon enliten niggas feelme? dont humor dis clown sean bruh

  5. ^ cheeaahh talking about logic and

  6. "^^ yeah that was totally what was on my mind when I came up with these questions...lmao!"

    Sean you came up with the questions?

    If so then LMAO @ therevealer. It's people like him that truly make me believe that the Illuminati is fake. They accuse anyone of being Illuminati due to some coincidence that they to look really deep into. smh

  7. See y'all at the TMF on the 3rd....

  8. Guys... therevealer is OBVIOUSLY trolling! lol (just look at his/her name 'therevealer' haha). I personally appreciate therevealer's comment for the humour it has provided.

    side note: if by any chance you are not a troll, therevealer, don't believe in the power of illuminati.. its a waste of time. Your effort is best spent believing in the power of the people for the people have the capacity to topple any elite regime or institution #tunisia #eygpt #libya #heckevenlondon

    And lets not forget the ultimate power: God.

  9. And lets not forget the ultimate power: God.


  10. whoever came up with those questions is a fucking psycho stan............... and if your able to answer them, then your an even bigger psycho


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