Video: Lupe Fiasco x Bassnectar - You Are Here/Risingson Remix Mashup [Live @ Bass Island]

Lupe performed at the Bass Island Festival at Governors Island in New York yesterday. He didn't only do a solo set though, he also joined Bassnectar on stage to spit some lines off Japanese Cartoon's "You Are Here" over Bassnectar's remix of Massive Attack's "Risingson." - Watch it above and then check some footage of Lupe's set below!


  1. Please tell me Lupe is actually gonna get a real hypeman for his tour instead of using his damn bodyguard? Shit is pathetic

  2. 4 videos? WOOOO!!

    Even though they're short I enjoyed them :) S/O to the blog for always coming through with some footage.

  3. I DONT WANNA CARE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Waooooo,they are really amazing videos and i become very happy that you share it with us,the performance is very nice and cool,i think so you'll also agree with me


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